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  1. Hello Nick, Thanks. One of these days I'll try again. Regards, Ber
  2. Hello Nick, I had my BU folder limited to 100 Gb and there was already about 50 Gb in it. Could that have been the reason that the download stopped just before the end? Regards Ber
  3. Hello, I had not enough space assigned to the backupfolder, but I do have 325 Gb left on my C drive where the backup folder is. But then eventually I want my backup folder on a external drive. On theD drive where P3D is, is enough space. Regards Ber
  4. Good morning Nick, About the downloading of Netherlands. Might it have anything to do with not enough remaining space in the backup folder? And if so, is it possible to transfer the current content of this folder to a external drive? I'm just thinking out loud... Best wishes for 2020. Regards, Ber
  5. Thank you, that seems to have done the trick. Remains the downloading of the Netherlands. Regards, Ber
  6. Hello Nick, Hope you had a merry Xmas and wish you a very good 2020. Everything with the other Orbx downloads went well and there is enough spase on the disks. I'm pretty new to P3D and on top of the netherlands download I have this problem too. I had global Base and Vector and this effect so I purchased EU-landclass and NA-landclass but it's still there. Really hope you can help my out. Best regards Ber
  7. Hallo, Please help. I have been downloading the Netherlands for 30 hours with Orbx Central. At the end the download stayed at 72.09 Gb from 72.31 at 0 B/s and only 1 more item to extract. Nothing hapened anymore. My internetconnection worked normal. It did appear in the Orbx library with 76.6 Gb but now everything is gone. I'm afraid that when I do it all over again the same wil happen.
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