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  1. Thanks Holger, will look forward to an update. Best
  2. @Holger Sandmann have you got any other suggestions as to how to get the overlapping objects to disappear? Many thanks
  3. Hi Holger, Indeed there are a lot of overlapping going on for me. I am running P3D v5.1 and every airport I use has overlapping objects. You can clearly see the default objects showing. Taupo is the main problem, and Hastings. Is there any fix for this other than deleting the relevant BGL files? Let me know if there may be! There is definitely a problem with almost all the airports under the NZNI and NZSI product. There are overlapping objects at all airports. Let me know of a potential solution! Kind regards, Ralo
  4. Hi Carlos, Indeed this is New Zealand North and South island in question. I have tried your suggestions and unfortunately neither work. I still get overlapping objects. This has been a problem in other Orbx products under V5 and they have updated them, but they haven't done this for NZ. Could someone from Orbx please look into this? And indeed Carlos if you have any other suggestions. Kind regards, Ralo
  5. Hi there, Wondering when Orbx will release an update for P3D V5 in order for the North Island and South Island scenery to not have default objects showing as well as the Orbx objects at each airport?? I am putting up with overlapping default objects at the moment and need a fix. Let me know when this might be possible, many thanks! Ralo
  6. Hi all, So have recently made the switch to P3D. All was going well until I installed ORBX. Firstly, the scenery didn't show up until I manually added it through the P3D scenery menu. Then when it did show up, it appeared with large black textures in random spots around the scenery. I am using the ORBX South Island pack and the Queenstown Airport pack by ORBX. The sim is unusable with these black textures so any way of resolving this is much appreciated! Thanks!
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