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  1. Hello all, I will apologize in advance if this has already been addressed, but a brief search of the forum came up short on the issue I am having, so if this is a repeat, again, my apologies. I have been having consistent issues with True Earth Florida crashing either on descent along the coast inbound to KFLL or KMIA, or taking off from those 2 airports. I mention those airports because along with TrueEarth Florida, I am running LVFR KMIA and LVFR KFLL along the coastline. I am not having this issue with True Earth Washington, Oregon, NoCal and SoCal, and
  2. Hey Nick, reading my last post, it comes off kinda jerky and I just wanted to make it clear that I'm not trying to come off like a jerk. Appreciated all of your feedback on this one! Rich
  3. Sadly the "Report an Issue" page on MILVIZ states that the KA350i is not supported in P3dv5 (screenshot provided), so it seems that a ticket asking why it does not work well in v5 is a waste of time. I will just fly other aircraft. Not sure if Orbx wants to confirm this as it shows up in my v5 product offerings in your "Orbx Central" utility. If it truely not out of beta for v5 or otherwise not ready, y'all may want to pull it from that platform.
  4. Thank you. Your help in getting the avionics to appear was plenty of help! I'll reach out to MILVIZ for the rest.
  5. fixed the sound issue. OK update, nope. one switch made sound after selecting "simulator sound" in mvams. the rest of the buttons....no. I feel bad asking this but, is this aircraft ready for P3Dv5? I flew it a lot in v4.5 and just did not have these issues.
  6. one more additional odd feature......aircraft door does not open. screen indicates that it is opening when i hit SHIFT E, but go outside and the door remains closed. I feel like this did not install correctly. Rich
  7. OK, new issue. No sound. Buttons dont make noise, control levers (Throttle, Prop, Mix) dont work. Yolk goes left right but not forward, back. trim wheel wont move, either with my mapped button or with the mouse...sigh. I get nada when following the proper starting and pre-flight procedures. I know this is a more complex plane than others, but I don't remember this result in p3dv4.5 after following the procedure to start. Is this a me issue or is there an issue with the aircraft?
  8. I tried it before. No good. I try after your suggestion, it all works great (just need to calibrate Throttle, Props and Mixture as it wont read my controls for some reason) but the issue of not having a proper display...All good! You are magic, thank you. Rich
  9. No I have not, unfortunately. Still hoping I can get a response from Orbx as the item sponsor. I know it's MILVIZ, but Orbx has been more attentive at addressing issues.
  10. I understand that this may be a Milviz question, but I had the Beechcraft KA350i for v4 and v5 installed in both sims, both via Orbx purchase. In v4, the cockpit's glass flight displays were rendered properly and the MVAMS utility recognized it. In v5, the FDs were not rendering at all as if there was a compatibility issue. Recently I have removed v4 to focus solely on v5. Again the KA350i is looking great except for the FDs not rendering properly and now MVAMS is gone as when it was removed with v4, it was also removed for v5. Add to the confusion, Orbx and MILVIZ state that t
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