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  1. SUCCESS! What I did: I uninstalled SCA and then reinstalled in the Orbx Library, rather than my Prepar3d root library. I was then able to isolate the file identified by Nick. I appended the extension ".off" to the file. Took wing from KSAN in an Aeroplane Heaven Grumman F3F, sucked up my gear, banked sharp left, and................. There was my beautiful alma mater, USS Midway, sans her unsolicited suitor! Thank you Nick, Matteo, et al. This was truly world class customer service. I am a big fan of ORBX, and look forward to purchasing many more scenerie
  2. I will have another go when I get home and try to locate it. Are we not concerned with Matteo’s warning about editing the files? ALSO- This May have nothing to do with anything, but it brings to mind something I noticed when searching for answers to the above matter: In the configuration panel for SCA, there is a switch whiche enables obstacles ( cranes, etc) to show in both LA and San Diego Harbor. Mine check box is EMPTY, and if I tick it, then leave and come back into the configurator, it is once again unticked. I can’t keep it “checked” (yes, hit apply save or whatever is there.)
  3. I should add that I have done a file verification in OC of both SCA and KSAN, and I also “synced” my files using OC as well. Wondering if an uninstall/ reinstall of SCA might help? Using OC?
  4. I am at work at the mo, so What I can tell you is, I am looking in the Orbx directory that resides in my Prpar3d main directory on the C:\ drive. As I looked for the file, it was apparent that my Orbx directory structure (path) did not agree with the path Nick provided. Thinking that perhaps in my install the file itself may reside elsewhere, I plugged the file name only into my search field on the task bar, and came up with no hits. (Also, no smoke coming from either ship,.)
  5. Hello Stewart, The truth is, I wanted very badly to try it, but 1. I cannot locate the file in question anywhere on my machine,, and; 2. Apparently the switch in OC is not working, but FTX is. I only have OC- so it looks like I may be stuck! thanks for taking an interest- great folks here on this forum ! chris
  6. Well Nick i am indebted to all who have tried to help.. I guess I will stand by for an update or further guidance on this thread. Thank you !
  7. I have to admit, now I really am confused....... I have a program called Orbx Central. With it I can do several things, including installing and configuring my Orbx products. And yes, when I go to “configure” my KSAN add on, I do have the radio button checked for SCA as shown above, since I have SCA as well as KSAN. But I still see the two aircraft carriers engaged in their obscene behavior....... Should I have FTX Central as well as Orbx Central? Is it harmful if I have both? Is it possible to have both? Didnt realize I was opening such a can of worms for folks and sorry I
  8. Nope. I do not have such a file. I'm looking in the ORBX folder within my Prepaar3d directory. I am using P3D 4.5, if that makes any difference- any ideas where the file could be hiding, or maybe if it's name was changed ?
  9. This was some simply outstanding help. At work at the mo, but I’ll make the switch when I get home. Many thanks to all!
  10. Thanks Nick, so I would locate that file using Windows explorer and just put an “//“ in front it?
  11. I wonder if the fix for this ( if there is one) will also fix the on-and-off black runway textures at KSAN. It is the only scenery area where I experience this- something seems broken.
  12. I deeply appreciate the help. I love flying over my beautiful home town and seeing this epic “maritime disaster” whenever I’m over the Embarcadero is a bit unsettling!
  13. Nick, Thanks for the help. This is exactly what I am seeing. I have both SCA and KSAN. The vessel bearing the number 41 is the “correct” vessel that should be there. The other appears to be a Nimitz class carrier that should not be there. I have KSAN higher in my scenery library than SCA. Is there something I can do? My PC: ASUS ROG Strix motherboard, Z390 chipset. Helios Tower Intel i9 9900K Coffee Lake, 8 cores @3.6g each GeForce RTX 2080 ti 11 gigs DDR6 video RAM 64 gigs Corsair DDR4 RAM, 2660 ghz Windows 10 Home Hope this helps-
  14. Sorry for the confusion- I checked my Orbx FT Central. I in fact DO have he latest iteration of Object Flow. So, that may not be the issue. Any other thing you may be able to think of that I might check?
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