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  1. I am closing off this topic now - thanks everyone for the comments and questions. Stay tuned and fly safe ;-)
  2. We will definitely continue to add content for and support XP and P3D. MSFS will bring in new users: some will be gamers, others simmers. We hope some of the gamers (who may only access the sim for curiosity) will turn into "hard core" simmers (or maybe even soft-core? ;-) ). I hope this will expand the universe of sim users, so it's not just us growing, but the whole industry. That would be fab!
  3. Great point John. This is also what we will consider once the full version is launched. We love making (awesome) TE regions!
  4. Hi and thanks for the welcome. :-) John is still with Orbx and he is also one of the directors of a newly formed Board. Never too far! :-)
  5. Benissimo. Sempre bello accontentare i nostri utenti! :-) (from your name, Massimo, I'm indulging in believing you speak Italian!)
  6. Our efforts are focused on bringing some top notch airports across and producing new content too. The sim is already very good, as we know, but there is room to making custom content which is our favourite swim lane ;-)
  7. We are considering special x-platform prices for current customers who have bought content for P3D and XP, which will also appear on MSFS. We haven't really decided anything yet, but the intention is to make it easy and affordable to use the same content across platforms.
  8. Good idea! We are posting a few repeats on FB and Twitter but we'll go on email too. Cheers!
  9. We are definitely planning to bring some of our existing airports into MSFS - just a question of time and how fast we can work, but you can bet we will have them there! :-)
  10. See the post in the General Discussion.
  11. Hi all Just by way of intro, I have been Orbx’s CEO since September 2019, and I am based in Australia. I have not actively participated in the forums so far, limiting myself to reading the diverse and eclectic views of simmers and industry players, but the recent announcement of MS Flight Simulator launch calls for a view on where Orbx sits in all this, so I am breaking the ice. Firstly, at Orbx we are thrilled to see that the new MS Flight Simulator will launch in August. Like the rest of the community, we are very impressed with what we have seen so far in Microsoft's next gen of Flight Simulator. We’ve been waiting for some time for a date to lock down our product roadmap on this new platform. So this is it! I am very happy to say that Orbx is producing content for FS, and are excited to be able to deliver our world class products on this new platform, both through MS marketplace and our own channel, OrbxDirect. Our roadmap continues to include high quality content for XP, P3D and Aerofly FS (when possible), and we will continue to support these platforms. We have some real gems in store, and of course we continue to support our partners and industry friends - specifically this month through #FlyJuly. Overall, we hope to see new users take up simming with the new FS as well as take our current simmers on a journey of discovery, with AAA content! I am keeping this topic open for questions or clarifications. Looking forward to expanding our (collective) horizons! Cheers, Anna
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