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  1. OK, so i re-installed some things and now it's all working
  2. I have just uninstalled ftx central 3 and now have orbx central, things are going well. no more errors. I haven't checked my sim yet, first im installing all the libraries and going to do a file scan.
  3. I have used orbx before for the YMML add on, that went fine. I recently changed the destination of my flight sim (C DRIVE TO D) The sim worked fine. the old scenery was fine. I installed the FTX au v2, it never loaded in my flight sim, then i realised that it was activating it i waited. It never stopped activating, when i went into ftx central settings it said that the file location couldn't find the scenery.cfg. I changed the file location, didn't work. i figured out that was my backup scenery.cfg, when i tried to find the actual file, i couldn't get to appdata, i searched and searched but couldn't find how to get there. Now when i log on there is an error and ftx central just shuts down. the log says to put it into support. When i try to find the support forums i can't, i don't even know if im in the right place.the log says to put it in so i guess i will do that, i also read that you need to put in a purchase order number, so i'm just guessing that is the receipt number (5de3466bde05d). I'm fairly new to all this, since the first scenery went fine. I have no clue what to do i need help. The log is: [2019-12-03_08-51-05-AM] - System.IO.DirectoryNotFoundException: Could not find a part of the path 'C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\FSX-SE\scenery.cfg'.
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