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  1. Hi Josh,many thanks for the info,just updated to catalina,started the download,fingers crossed seems to be ok,many thanks to all the team at orbx and have a great christmas,Will
  2. Hi Nick, many thanks for your reply,i see in the central guide it states that (high sierra is required 10.13) i have (sierra 10.12.6) does this mean that i am stuck,even though back in august i installed the north of england scenery with no problems,look forward to hearing back from you,thanks for your patience,Will.
  3. I am down loading southern england scenery from orbx .com useing central, for xplane 11.40 on mac os 10.12.6.Having problems,downloads but will not extract and install,need help.
  4. William Burge Dec 2, 8:37 AM AEDT Hi,i am writing from scotland england.I purchased orbx scenery for scotland back in august and installed it without any trouble,so when i purchased the south of england i never except any problems.My first problem was trying to download to orbx central,it varied between 10% and 25% and then quit,when i tried again i had a constant error message on screen saying communication problem.I done a manual download but after 12 hours still did not extract and install the scenery.I have cleared the temp folder and emptied the ca
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