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  1. Which update John? I have uninstalled, deleted temp files, deleted content.xml, redownloaded, resynched, and the building on the tracks is still there. How do I get this updated version as shown on the product page?
  2. Hi, the building on the tracks issue behind the gates at EGLC seems to have been there since the product was launched and has not been fixed. However, the building on the tracks is not present in the picture used to advertise the product. Please may I have a copy of the product as shown in the advertised picture? I find it a bit off that the product doesn't match that. Thanks Product advert picture from Orbx website and Orbx central, no building on tracks. Second picture from in MSFS, building in wrong place.
  3. Jon, one more question if I may, is it a custom mesh in the photo on the product page?
  4. Hi I'm really enjoying LOWI in MSFS, it's the airport I've used the most in P3D and it's great to have it in MSFS so soon. One thing that does stand out for me is that as well as the buildings, in the P3D version I liked how the mountains immediately around the airport were included and were such a good match to real world. In particular there is an almost vertical large cliff face near to the 08 end of the runway. The P3Dv4/5 versions had this spot on. In the MSFS version the mountain just slopes down rather than any steep drop. Is it possible for this to also be in the MSFS ve
  5. Hi I purchased Orbx London City Pack and EGLC. Whatever else has been said, the product certainly does enhance the skyline and make it feel more like flying around London. However, two major navigation landmarks (for me anyway) are Crystal Palace transmitter (one of the few easy to spot navigation features in South London), and Dartford Bridge. Crystal Palace transmitter is missing entirely in default scenery, and Dartford bridge is a flat bridge, rather than the very tall arched bridge of real life) no ship would ever get under (and hard to spot from a distance).
  6. These look fantastic and I'll be upgrading the ones I own for P3D, and maybe buying a few more!
  7. Hi Nick, I've been flying a tour around Australia v2 this week and there are some really lovely features in there. I note that airport issues are being looked at, but in case it helps, the two I've noticed are at Ayers Rock YAYE, floating control tower, and Cairns YBCS looks like some extra terminal buildings blocking gates and parking. Have a great day.
  8. @John DowCould this one in TE GB Central be passed on to devs too please?
  9. Thanks Smudger, yes it would be great to get some support from the Devs!
  10. Does anyone know if this is my setup problem, or a bug in TE GB Central?
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