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  1. So none of the orbx products can be installed via symlinks? because the orbx central installer was suggesting it could install them on a separate drive.
  2. Hi Doug. just orbx libraries not the Base pack, Buildings, Vector trees, and LC. Those can remain in the library on the separate drive correct?
  3. Thank you Polymerman, I've uninstalled and reinstalled all Orbx packages thru orbx central then verifyed the files and still have the same problem. Is verifying and/or reinstalling the only solution that works?
  4. Good evening. I have orbx global sceneries and absolutely love it however there are these black squares on the ground that seem to randomly appear as I am flying. Could you tell me how to get rid of them. I did quite a bit of google searches and couldn't find anything resembling this problem. Thank you for your help.
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