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  1. Orbx Central will not connect in OS 11.0.1 after upgrade. I can dual boot and it works fine in OS 10.14.6, however, I run X-Plane in OS 11. Log.txt
  2. Not looking for fine points here- just broad across the board compatibility. Understandably there are always glitches in digital development compatibility. If Orbx is doing its best it can in that area, then more power to you. Orbx isn't the only developer to produce compatibility issues in my simming, and obviously no developer can know exactly what is in every simmer's inventory of add ons. While it seems to be more effort than what should be required, I think you're right Jon- keeping an X-Plane copy dedicated to Orbx is probably the only workable solution for those experiencing the same is
  3. I'm new to the support forum and I certainly didn't intend to slight or offend- just not a big fan of forum support as opposed to the personal direct support I receive on most of my other pay ware. I'm also not receiving all of the notifications of posts. My issue hasn't been resolved. Yes,I found that Florida performs well in an X-Plane install with few other add ons, but how practical is that? I buy a fairly large amount of pay ware every year, and expect each to play nice with the others. With over a terabyte of add ons in my primary install of X-Plane, trying to find the one
  4. PC specs are in the log I attached to original post- XP graphic settings are on high with zero antialiasing and reflections-TE Florida Overlay is 11.6 GB- by custom folders do you mean the Custom Scenery folder? If so that is 1.05 TB. Following up, I have multiple versions of X-Plane installed, one of which has no add ons. I installed Florida in the clean version and it works perfectly with frame rates in the 40'w with graphic settings on high except for world objects, which is on max. Therefore, the original problem I am experiencing is most likely a conflict with another add on.
  5. Operating system: OS 10.14.6 Simulator: X-Plane 11.41r1 Screenshot: Issue: Florida is causing frame rate to drop to zero when in the KMIA to KEYW corridor. I can take off from KFXE with normal frame rate, around 30 to 40 depending. About halfway down the coast between KFXE and KMIA, the frame rate drops to zero. If I select KEYW for departure, the frame rate is zero upon X-Plane power up. I have just installed Florida, and as far as I have tested it out, experience normal frame rates in other areas. It is only the Keys area where I experience the drop to zero FR, which is m
  6. Northern CA is causing X-Plane to produce following error and then crash. Receipt Orbx Simulation Systems Pty Ltd Level 10, 56 Pitt Street, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia ABN 59 120 838 244 The products you ordered have been added to your account. Your transaction ID / receipt number is 5dd003df316b1. TrueEarth US Northern California HD - X-Plane 11 x1 $69.95 AUD Total: $69.95 AUD The total price includes GST for Australian customers. © Orb
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