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  1. Hi guys, If I could duplicate the problem I would look into it. This because my great grandfather homesteaded on Vashon in 1902. The home he build with his 5 sons and 3 daughters still stands outside the town of Vashon. My mother grew up there. But if I can't duplicate the problem, there is nowhere for me to even start. Cheers,
  2. Hello Ben As a mater of fact, we did look at the shops sheds warehouses library some time ago and never came to a definitive conclusion. I'm assuming that's the source of the objects in question. However recompiling the lib seemed to help. As I remember that re-compiled version made it into the Orbx libs. I'm away from my computer so I can't give you file modified dates. Part (but only part) of the issue may be the number of the library objects used in a given area.
  3. Hi guys, Here's my guess: take a look at the attached pic showing the default ship and ferry routes in Google Earth. I have marked roughly where the boats will stop. (They stop short of the end of a route.) So chances are that stopping point is on land in the sim, either default scenery or add-on scenery. It's easy to check to see if it's default and it would not surprise me if a boat sunk on a default route.
  4. Hello, The root cause of this problem is easy but getting back to where you were will likely take Nick's help @Nick Cooper From your screen, Orbx ObjectFlow is not working and it's known that it does not work with the beta you tried. It could be as simple as you now having two ObjectFlow modules active, (also something that won't work) but I'll defer to Nick. Cheers,
  5. These sorts of things amuse me. Do you happen to have the lat lon where the sinking occurred? And do you have any scenery other than the default active? Typically, a default AI ship or ferry that follows a route that was OK with default scenery may run into an obstruction added by a scenery package. But not always; sometimes it's a great mystery. On the other hand, a boat that ugly deserves to sink. At least you were there to notify the authorities.
  6. Hello, To add to what John says above, the freeware SPBs will not work properly without Orbx PNW because they exclude parts of the PNW shorelines and then replace them. Depending on the sim, without PNW you see land where water should be and there is no work-around.
  7. Hello, To help Nick, Do you have any xml add-ons installed by Orbx Central or from other sources? If so, how many?
  8. Hi guys, Let me correct any misunderstanding of what Trees HD does: this product is a texture replacement for the textures used with default trees. When it is installed, wherever you see default trees you will now see them greatly improved. The models themselves including the material properties are unchanged. Default trees (eg Douglas firs, cottonwoods, etc.) are heavily used in regions and airports. Some Orbx products also include custom vegetation which uses its own textures and those models are not affected. It's important to note that P3D v4 offers two options; 'Dynamic vegetation which uses 'Speed Trees' or the conventional models. With Dynamic vegetation checked you will not see the trees as Orbx designed them. There are many posts on the Orbx forums regarding Speed Trees if you want to learn more. Cheers,
  9. Another sad occurrence, this one very near CAC8: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/gabriola-island-plane-crash-1.5392071
  10. Hi Martin, Photo scenery (aka PR) is always placed above vector scenery by the sim, so the short answer is that you can't do what you would like. In order to have autogen on your PR you have to 'annotate' the PR, and those annotations are each linked to s specific PR file. It's not DIY. ;-) Cheers
  11. Hi Jose, I might mention that I have finally completed my project of revising all 8 of the different wave effects used in Orbx products. It will be for P3D v4 only for technical reasons. However I don't know when it might be published or exactly in what form; it remains to be determined by the higher ups. So stay tuned... Cheers,
  12. There are times when I’m quite happy that I have no pretentions of being a pilot, like tomorrow (Wednesday). I’m hoping to take the 12:40 pm floatplane up to Victoria BC tomorrow, however the weather forecast includes the following. I may or may not get there, but I don’t have to make the call. 11:02 AM PST Tuesday 26 November 2019 Wind warning in effect for: Greater Victoria Strong winds that may cause damage are expected or occurring. An arctic ridge of high pressure over the BC interior will intensify this evening. Strong northeasterly outflow winds up to 70 km/h gusting to 90 will develop this evening for the Southern Gulf Islands and overnight for Howe Sound and Greater Victoria. The strong winds will ease Wednesday night. Damage to buildings, such as to roof shingles and windows, may occur. Loose objects may be tossed by the wind and cause injury or damage. Wind warnings are issued when there is a significant risk of damaging winds.
  13. Thanks for mentioning the pilotable boats Steve. They began more or less as an afterthought and were placed in an Extras folder should some be interested. There are three of them: the Angelfish (CAG8), a harbour tug (YRC), and the Norwegian Pearl cruise ship (CAE3). There will be another one to go along with my next project. The three SPBs were published before the advent of Orbx Central which features the option to install as an xml add-on in a location of your choice. Now that this is possible, and due to the internal workings of Orbx Central there are a couple of unanticipated results. The idea had been to keep the installation simple and optional. The Guides for the boats instructed those who might want to try them to copy the FTX_AA_[product name]\Extras\[name of boat] folder to their SimObjects\Airplanes folder in the sim. (This method still works if necessary.) If you use Orbx Central and the xml add-on method to install: When using the xml add-on method with OC, it turns out that the Angelfish and the harbour tug will be automatically enabled when you install the SPB. You should find the boats in your list of aircraft. Although that’s not what was originally intended, perhaps it’s a good thing. The Norwegian Pearl is not currently enable automatically but it’s set up to be an independent xml add-on and one way to install it is covered in the guide, located in the [your chosen install location]\ ORBX\FTX_AA_CAE3\Extras\ Norwegian_Pearl_Add-on folder. I’ll have to consult with the powers that be to see if anything specific needs to be done about these ‘extras’ at this point.
  14. Hi guys, For those of you still having trouble with autogen vegetation, perhaps I can offer the following. I think it’s often more productive to try to figure out what’s going on rather than to just try various proposed solutions so bear with me. This is intended to be a general approach and not a solution to a specific installation. Each little bit of autogen is specified by the .agn file located in the texture folder for the scenery. That in turn references a file nominally located in the Autogen folder in the sim. For veg, by default P3D uses the file AutogenDescriptions.spb where many conventional trees are replaced by Speed Trees. To see scenery the way Orbx products were designed and only use conventional trees you uncheck the ‘Dynamic 3D Vegetation’ option in the sim. In that case, P3D uses the file AutogenDescriptions_Legacy.spb. The Orbx version of this file is dated 5/29/2017, 1305 kb. If P3D uses any other file you will not see all of the veg and you may miss other things too. If you are not using the newer xml add-on method, checking these things is fairly simple. The xml add-on method adds a complicating factor. If you wish you can now install the Orbx libs as an xml add-on and this add-on contains the Orbx version of the AutogenDescriptions_Legacy.spb located in [your Orbx Lib path]\ORBX\Scripts\custom.gb_base \ and gives it a layer number. However it’s possible that you may have the Orbx libs and associated files installed in the traditional manner as well and have both active. Choose one or other. When all your scenery is installed in the traditional manor only one AutogenDescriptions_Legacy.spb file can be active. As long as it’s the Orbx file, everything should work. (This is the option I'm using for the time being.) With the xml add-on method, in theory every one of these add-ons could add its own version of AutogenDescriptions_Legacy.spb and presumably the one that would govern would be based on how it’s layered. If the one on top did not have a definition, then the next one down is probably searched, but who knows what might really happen. So this gives you a few options, assuming you are not using Speed Trees: 1 Stick with the traditional Orbx lib installation, checking the file date and size of AutogenDescriptions_Legacy.spb and making sure you do not have any xml add-ons that put their own version of AutogenDescriptions_Legacy.spb on top. 2 If you are using the xml add-on method for the Orbx libs, make sure it is the only version of the libs active. Next search all of your add-ons for AutogenDescriptions_Legacy.spb to see if you can find a conflict. If you do find a conflict, try disabling that scenery. 3 If none of the above give the answer, in a broad sense it’s possible the terrain.cfg is involved but I’ll stop here. If you use Autogen Configuration Manager, that adds yet another possible complication.
  15. Thanks for mentioning the Flight Sim Jewels wave effect replacement. Looks like it replaces the default ocean wave effect only and does not modify the controller. (Replacing Orbx effects would be a no-no of course.) This default effect is used in some places in Orbx scenery products but many locations use custom Orbx effects. There are 8 different Orbx wave effects all of which would be modified in a reversible way by the solution I have mentioned.
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