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  1. Hi guys, The following is my understanding which of course can be wrong: Among the many changes from v4 to v5 is the switch to a 'linear color space' which is apparently supposed to be more computationally efficient. However there is a distinct side effect as described here: https://www.kinematicsoup.com/news/2016/6/15/gamma-and-linear-space-what-they-are-how-they-differ#:~:text=First we need to know what linear color,color space without that property is called ”non-linear”. This means that some but not all textures that look right in previous
  2. Hello, Just to add to Nick's instructions as above, I suspect that the root cause of what you are seeing is that one or more of your wave effect files are earlier versions and not those for P3D v4 and above. There are a couple of known ways where this can occur but the fix is easy. Cheers,
  3. If you guys are interested in the history of Kenmore Air, you might like "Success on the Step" by Faure which describes a number of co-founder Bob Munro's glacier landings. These were typically to service glacier research teams. Several nice historical pics, including one of N9776Z on a glacier. This was Munro's favorite DHC2, the one he used on his most heroic flights and the one modeled for FSX. That aircraft is still in the Kenmore fleet, and at least as of a couple of years ago looks like it just came out of the restoration shop.
  4. Hello, Without a screenshot I can't be sure but what you describe is typical of your Orbx ObjectFlow not working or not installed. This will affect all Orbx scenery that uses ObjectFlow. Perhaps @Nick Cooper or @Doug Sawatzky can help you with the specifics. Posting one or two screenshots will help them confirm the problem. Cheers.
  5. Hi Bert, I don't know enough about the internal workings of Orbx Central to know exactly what might happen. Maybe you have already found out. My guess is that simply running OC, perhaps to install a new product would not affect your existing installations. But I'm not sure what might happen if you run 'sync simulator'. It's possible the ordering might get messed up but I just don't know. Larry
  6. Hello, I don't want to address the issue of some older installers perhaps still using old wave files (not my area) but one solution is to consider using the Orbx global wave effects, a manually added add-on distributed as an extra with the Orbx PNW ferries. If you only want the wave effects you can just install the ferries with Orbx Central, copy the zip file and then uncheck or uninstall the ferries. If you don't like the new waves, you simply disable and or remove the add-on. Cheers
  7. Despite my hopes, this is what users found during the brief time when the SPBs were available for v5. On this basis they are not compatible. I have found no improvement on my system with the latest hotfixes and the upgrade to Win 2004. During the v5 beta I spend many hours on this problem, with some improvement over time but in the end, not enough. If you don't mind me being frank, I'm discouraged.
  8. Hi Bert, This is news to me. I've made no updates. I don't even know what I could do to give the performance in v5 users have come to expect near the seaplane dock other than start from scratch and pray. (Sorry, I'm too old for starting over.) Cheers,
  9. I'm sure it is not the intent for you to see colored waves. Are you using any shader modification program? Go ahead and clear the shader cache to see if it helps. Are you using TrueSky? My sense is that not all the issues that in some way involve reflected light have been solved. There have been reports of water colors that are just plain wrong. On my setup, although the general color of the waves is OK, when it's 100% overcast I still see glints from the sun on the waves, and a reflection of the sun too and there is a bluish tinge that does not occur in real life when it's overcast. I thin
  10. Yes. And it replace the overly bright at night default effects in v5. Cheers.
  11. Hello, I should first mention that all the seaplane bases have been removed from P3D v5 download options. I have not seen this particular issue with P3D v4 although there are similar ones if you look closely around the area. Animated flags when seen against the background of the large model for example. In these other cases it's the usual problem of a transparency in front of another transparency. That is not the case here however; I've just checked the texture used for the fellow; it's DTX1 and does not have an alpha channel. I have no definitive explanation for t
  12. Hi folks, The answer is that the Orbx Global Wave Effects included as an extra in the Pacific Northwest Ferries works fine in P3D v5. Personally, I think they look quite nice.
  13. Folks, Ed has kindly consented to removing the seaplane bases from the list of v5 options. I have no idea of what the future may hold.
  14. Folks, After seeing this you may not want to thank me. The mistake in giving the OK to release to v5 was entirely mine. I thought the compromise might be acceptable, sorry.
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