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  1. Hello, The number of waves you see is a function of the information hard coded into the file that defines the shoreline and the controller effect file that the shoreline references. The easiest way for you to experiment might be to try the free Orbx Global Wave Effects that comes as an Extra with the Pacific Northwest Ferry System. They work with the latest P3D v5.1. (You can uninstall the ferries if all you want are the wave effects.) For several reasons, you have to manually add the wave effects folder to your P3D Add-ons folder but that's it. Disabling or removal
  2. Hi guys, The waffle pattern Nick illustrates is a result of the cell size used by the enhanced atmospherics engine. I gather there there is a limit to the size that can be used for performance reasons but I'm sure the LM team is working on the problem. If you are interested, you could play with the VolumetricClouds.cfg to see if you could make the grid less obvious. Cheers
  3. Hello, For what it's worth, I've never heard of this problem and I note the post above. Off the top of my head, I can imagine several possibilities. First is to assure yourself that both P3D and AUS 2 are intact. Verify files for AUS 2. Even though not strictly required, I always do a clean install with each P3D update. It's not hard once you have the system down. The most likely possibility is that somewhere on your system you have conflicting sceneries; perhaps something that was not completely uninstalled, something you may have forgotten about, or maybe something y
  4. Hello, With EA on, not only can the trees be too dark with the v5.1 HF, but water as seen from the surface can be so dark that you can't see where you are going. (That's a big problem for seaplane bases.) The LM guys are aware of these and other issues with EA and I think they consider it an ongoing effort, not to speak for them of course. I have not found an easy solution using settings within the sim however my AMD video driver allows for custom colors on a per app basis. On my setup, turning the contrast way down and then turning the brightness up to compensate,
  5. Hello, Disabling effects locally requires some knowledge of FSX / P3D development tools: you can do it by creating exclusion rectangles for effects and placing the resultant .bgl files above the locations in question in your scenery order. I won't go into the details here. The green rotating beacon effect is most likely (but not necessarily) the default effect. If I remember correctly, the green color comes from the texture associated with the effect file. If you know how to work with effects, that could be changed but it would then affect all locations that use the effect. Or yo
  6. Hello, Perhaps I can add a bit to what Smudger has written. The blocky white areas behind the objects in your screen shot are good illustrations of a side effect of Enhanced Atmospherics. In v5.0, EA was considered beta and was off by default. In v5.1, EA is on by default and thus you see the issue unless you turn EA off. In addition, with EA on, HDR is enabled by default and it appears that you can't easily turn that off and leave EA on. HDR is likely responsible for the excessively white aircraft. You can play with the HDR settings but you may find that less than ideal. The prob
  7. Hello, Regardless of the density of trees that are annotated**, v5 seems to have some limitations in the number actually displayed even with the in-sim settings maxed. However you can try changing AUTOGEN_BATCH_LOD=2 to AUTOGEN_BATCH_LOD=1 in the [SCENERY] section of the prepar3d.cfg. This can have a considerable effect on performance and so may not be practical. **I typically annotate PNW trees at a density of say 10 to 15 thousand trees per autogen cell (~4 sq km.) Cheers,
  8. As John has mentioned above, this has been a longstanding problem with v4 involving default objects in addition to those from addons. As Ed has mentioned elsewhere on this forum, it's likely that the issue may be resolved for v5.1 fairly soon. I very much doubt that LM will return to v4 to try to fix what has been a very difficult issue. You option will be to give v5.1 a try once the issue has been resolved. Cheers
  9. Hello, This is an example of the longstanding problem beginning with v4, now much much more obvious with EA on in v5.1 which I mentioned in another thread. The cause has to do with material settings for individual textures in models. Within the last day or so the LM team has made what they call work-around suggestions for solving it however in some limited testing I have done, the suggestions have cause unacceptable side affects when I look close up. (They did solve the issue when seen from a distance.) So this is all up in the air at the moment and I am sure the LM guys are cont
  10. Hi John, I'd highly recommend reading the manual for the Turbo Otter carefully; you will find instructions on how to adjust the some of the functions controlled by xml tools to your liking. There is also info on the subject on the Milviz Turbo Otter forum. Cheers
  11. Hi Rob, There have been so many subtle changes it's hard to keep up. I just checked a typical rocky shoreline in Orbx PNW and I do in fact see the Orbx Global Wave Effects but less frequently. Once I start seeing them they continue down the shore. EA on or off did not make a difference, nor did whether or not I was using the ultra water setting. My effect sliders are full right. Effects are among the first to go when the sim is stressed and v5 seems to stress my system a lot more than v4. Try this, what in the past has been my failsafe way of checking wave eff
  12. Hi folks, With EA now the default in v5.1, be prepared for some objects not being suitably obscured by clouds, fog and haze. It's a known and difficult problem. There may (just may) be a work around for devs having to do with material properties in individual models, texture by texture. I hope you can appreciate that implementing work arounds for incremental updates is, how can I say it, problematic. You may find that with EA turned off the look can be rather garish; one thing you can try is to enable HDR and turn the saturation down, or if your video driver allows it, make
  13. Hi guys, The following is my understanding which of course can be wrong: Among the many changes from v4 to v5 is the switch to a 'linear color space' which is apparently supposed to be more computationally efficient. However there is a distinct side effect as described here: https://www.kinematicsoup.com/news/2016/6/15/gamma-and-linear-space-what-they-are-how-they-differ#:~:text=First we need to know what linear color,color space without that property is called ”non-linear”. This means that some but not all textures that look right in previous
  14. Hello, Just to add to Nick's instructions as above, I suspect that the root cause of what you are seeing is that one or more of your wave effect files are earlier versions and not those for P3D v4 and above. There are a couple of known ways where this can occur but the fix is easy. Cheers,
  15. If you guys are interested in the history of Kenmore Air, you might like "Success on the Step" by Faure which describes a number of co-founder Bob Munro's glacier landings. These were typically to service glacier research teams. Several nice historical pics, including one of N9776Z on a glacier. This was Munro's favorite DHC2, the one he used on his most heroic flights and the one modeled for FSX. That aircraft is still in the Kenmore fleet, and at least as of a couple of years ago looks like it just came out of the restoration shop.
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