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  1. Great shots John! At one time I did a lot of labeled 360 degree panoramas from the summits of peaks in the Cascades of Washington, some with over 300 peaks identified. But my memory of the terrain has faded; can you post some of the specific locations where your shots were taken? It would be fun to see how many distant peaks could be identified. I do recognize Fifes Peaks --- I hope -- in a couple of the shots. (An easy hike to the NW peak.)
  2. Hello and welcome to the forums. Regarding SBuilderX, not working the best bet would be to post on the FSDeveloper SBuilder forum. That should not be related to scenery installed on your sim unless you have copied data from it for use in SBX. By 'not even close' I'm guessing that you mean that the LC and line vector options you see in SBX do not match what you see in the sim. Orbx regional and LC products use custom proprietary line vectors and landclass polys and those will not appear among the options SBX options.
  3. Hi folks, I hesitate to say this; with my previous release announcements I really can't remember any negative comments at all. I find the ones here discouraging, especially for someone like me who does only freeware for my own reasons. If by chance they were not aimed directly at me, perhaps they could be posted in another thread where they could be debated and would not detract from what I had hoped would be a happy announcement. Larry
  4. It's great to see you back Sniper! We have missed you.
  5. Thanks for posting these shots. They really do capture the feeling of what it's like to be walking around the waterfront or taking the foot ferry. To me, that's what this is about. The feeling of being there. Larry
  6. Thanks Ziggy, The PR for CAE3 does not include CYBL so unless Don's version extends well beyond the airport itself there should be no problem. There will however be a problem at Cape Mudge if you use a PNW lighthouse package that places a lighthouse there. The same problem will occur at the Merry Island lighthouse that is part of CAG8. I'll try to describe the solution in the compatibility forum when the time comes. Oh, yes, the time and effort: a year for this one.
  7. Hello and welcome, Here are three general approaches. All require some level of expertise: Create exclusions that intersect with aircraft you wish to remove and optionally replace them with ones you like. By trial and error, locate the placement file(s) that place the aircraft and disable by using the extension .off. This may disable more than just aircraft but that may or may not be important to you. If the aircraft you wish to remove / replace are default objects and you are doing this only for yourself, find and copy the GUIDs of such objects, remove or disable them and substitute your objects using those same GUIDs. *Do not use this method for any Orbx objects either from the airport files or the Orbx Libs.* It would interfere if you ever needed to 'verify files' and it would be a violation of the EULA.
  8. Hi Marcus, I'd be interested to know if others also no longer see the thin blue edge on the trees in P3D 4.4. The LM guys have been aware of this problem but implied that there was no simple fix. Maybe they did in fact fix it, in which case I'll bet they would be happy to hear that we noticed.
  9. Hi Aussie, Don't know; above my pay grade (zero in fact).
  10. Hello Andy, The short answer is that I hope to test my surf effects in one or two of the Orbx projects under development as they get closer to completion. Whether or not they pan out or will be used, I don’t know at this point. The ‘open beta’ wave effects I posted a while ago are still available here for those who want to try them: https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/151969-orbx-wave-effects-an-unofficial-beta-test/?tab=comments#comment-1338191 Note: if you do try the beta wave effects and you later update the Orbx Libs or verify files you will have to redo the test files if you still want them. Here’s more: There are 4 wave / surf effects currently used by Orbx products. Lake waves: because of the large number of small lakes and the resulting performance impact for little gain, lake waves are rarely used. I have not worked on this effect. Surf effects: there are currently two surf effects used, one in AUS and one elsewhere when a surf effect is wanted. You can identify the current surf effects by the backwash part of the effect. The addition of the backwash doubles the work for the sim for what to me is questionable benefit so I have not included the separate backwash in my version of the surf effect. Surf effects are not associated with a type of Orbx shoreline but instead are generated independently by surf effect only line vectors. Where the surf is desired there are typically two such vectors that run parallel to the shore, one seaward of the other. The result is two sets of waves. Waves for salt water without surf: these are the waves in the open beta link above. This type of wave is linked to the type of Orbx shoreline used. Because there are limited Orbx shoreline types, waves can appear inappropriate places, like inside sheltered coves. I have tried to reduce this problem within the limitations of the wave controller format. Cheers,
  11. Hi guys, Perhaps I can add a different perspective that might help, but I want to be clear that these are just my own views. In order to produce an airport worthy of the Orbx name, considerations include whether or not there is an Orbx Region on which to base the airport, the availability of high quality ortho-imagery at a cost that can be absorbed, the availability at a reasonable cost of the large number of specialized photos needed to produce the scenery, permissions to take or have someone take these photos, sometimes the availability of other specialized information, and perhaps as important of all of these is a passion for the particular project and continued love of the process itself. Making airports is more or less an art form and I don’t think it can be done well without that passion. The lack of high quality orthoimagery at an affordable cost, the first step, can stop an idea for a project before it gets off the ground.
  12. Hello, I am no expert in this area however I doubt there is a ready made tool that will do what you want. You are on your own I would guess. If you know how to write Excel macros, one approach would be to batch decompile the airport files you wish to modify (just for yourself of course) save as xml, import into Excel and convert text to columns. Then create a macro to do a data base lookup to adjust the magvar. You have Excel then reformulate back into xml format, export and eventually batch compile. But is it worth it?
  13. Thanks Henk, Yes, I'm in the middle of a project that's fairly extensive. I'm aiming to have it ready for testing sometime in the summer unless I just get tired of it can call it finished.
  14. Hi Heka, Those all are really great shots; you captured the essence of what I have been trying to do in my own idiosyncratic way.
  15. Hi guys, Here are a couple of caveats regarding the heli platforms. The original platform models were hardened over the visible decking. This seems reasonable, however the contact points for some helis may be spaced wider apart than the skids you see. (Contact points in the aircraft.cfg govern what touches the ground; the model just goes along for the ride.) So when you would try to land, the port or starboard contact points might be unsupported and the heli rolls down the hill. Even with a small heli there was little room for error. A while ago I increased the platform size somewhat to compensate and these revised models are now part of the Orbx libs. But it’s still a compromise. Depending on the heli, you might find that one of your skids has only air underneath. Like the classic Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam “I dares ya” bits.
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