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  1. Hello, I'm sorry I missed this; I think I catch everything in the Freeware forum, but I miss things in the payware forums on occasion. The User Guide gives the rationale for disabling the default boat traffic file and it is done automatically by Orbx Central upon installation. Please read the UG because it's probably better written than this on the fly account. The whole idea of the Pacific Northwest Ferries is to replace the default AI boats in the scenery area with authentic models but otherwise leave default traffic unchanged. The only practical way to do this is to disable the default traffic file and replace it with a modified one. As per the User Guide, the replacement file, located within the product files to avoid confusion, does this. It also modifies some routes within other Orbx product scenery areas. If the default traffic file is not disabled, and you have the Pacific Northwest Ferries active, the sim will do just what it is told to do and you will have duplicate boats. There are more details on this subject in the User Guide if you need more information, including issues that can result for users that had the old blog version of the ferries. Cheers,
  2. Hi guys, The last freeware version of Vic Plus had many compatibility issues with Orbx PNW even with a variety of tweaks suggested by a few interested users. The old thread on this subject may still be here on the forum. From memory, there were FS9 incompatibilities, never understood crashes, elevation problems on Sidney and James Islands, etc. As a result, Jon developed Vic Plus for Orbx PNW an inexpensive payware offering. I had some role in it, one that eventually lead to what I do now. With the sad passing of Jon and the closure of his estate, this product is no longer available. So for now there is no good solution unless you already own Vic Plus for PNW. With the possibility of having it as an option for True Earth coverage at some point, I have from time to time considered doing the Victoria Harbour including the seaplane base but this is a large area and compared to my other projects, almost overwhelmingly complicated. Among things I think about is the idea of ‘raising the bar’. The implication being that it is expected that each new product I might do must be at least equal or better than the last. Some might not care that much, but nonetheless, that is the working expectation and fulfilling it gets harder and harder. Cheers,
  3. Sorry, my mistake; you are right; it's the add-on.xml files that tell P3D what to do. (Perhaps I can call it a typo.)
  4. Hello, If I might interject: It's not at all clear exactly what P3D searches when it starts and this may be a moving target. A while ago it was discovered that a bug left over from FSX was causing P3D to search through all active scenery files while it was looking for dependencies rather than stop looking when the dependency was first found. This of course would greatly prolong loading times if there were a large number of scenery entries. This was fixed, but there may have been secondary consequences and the fix may --- or may not have been modified. As to whether or not P3D is now searching through all xml add-ons or not, I'm not aware that this has been definitely determined based on the P3D version. (It may have been, don't know.) It's not easy to discover these things with certainty, and requires the use of something like procmon to determine exactly what P3D is doing when it starts, millions of operations. If you have a strong suspicion that all your xml add-ons are being searched upon startup, a simple work around would be to disable the add-on.cfg in each add-on you want to be sure is not searched. P3D will not know the add-on is there in that case. Finally, I would like to ask for your sympathy and understanding regarding some of these difficulties, not that I am directly involved in them. Cheers,
  5. Hello Oliver, If your installations are as they should be, you should able to select the seaplane bases as you would for any other airport as shown in the screen below. If you do not see this, try unchecking CAX6 in your scenery library, leaving Orbx Pacific Northwest active. Now see if you can find CAX6; unless my mind is playing tricks again, you should be able to find Ganges and start a flight there. If you can't see CAX6 with just PNW active, you should 'verify files' using Orbx Central. More specifics: Take CAG8 as an example. In the FTX_AA_CAG8\scenery folder, you should find the file AF_CAG8_Pender_Harbour_SPB.bgl. This is a simple airport file that places an invisible runway and a couple of starting points. Cheers,
  6. Hi Bernie, Thanks for the file. In the mean time Rob Abernathy had already helped me out: The traffic file in the optional Ferry Fix folder is in fact a modified default boat traffic file. The readme text file states: The movement of ferries in FSX is controlled by a single global traffic file in Scenery\World\Scenery\trafficBoats.bgl There are two solutions to removing the ferries which appear at the Hervey Bay Marina: 1. Drag your boat traffic slider to zero 2. Copy the trafficBoats.bgl file in this folder into your Scenery\World\Scenery folder If you use the Pacific Northwest Ferries, neither of these solutions would work. Either you would see no PNW ferries, or you would see duplicate boats. I’ll make the same minor adjustment used for YHBA in the traffic file for the PNW ferries. I’m working on adding the Mill Bay to Brentwood Bay ferry and the updated traffic file will have the YHBA fix. I may just post the few additional files as a zip file rather than go through a formal update. Here are the specifics: the optional YHBA traffic file deletes routes 2267 and 2787 that both go to the Hervey Bay marina. (Route 2788 was never implemented.) I have set the slider percentage necessary for these routes to be active at 99%. (This is the safest way to deactivate routes.) Cheers,
  7. It's available through OrbxDirect under Freeware. Here's the announcement: Cheers,
  8. Hello Bernie, If you would not mind attaching the trafficboats file from YHBA I can give you a direct answer. Sorry, but I don't have YHBA installed on my working machine. I have to limit installs so I can troubleshoot my work. Cheers,
  9. Another 'quick' note: Thanks so much for the positive reactions to the new waves. Regarding the lack of wave effects in AUS2; it won't matter what effects are used because other than in a few places where i believe there are hand drawn surf only effect vectors, the waves simply are not there. The short vector segments that make up the shoreline do not call for an associated effect. (I mentioned the reason for this change from AUS 1 elsewhere.) Even hand drawing in wave effect only vectors to create surf effect waves would require using proprietary Orbx files and would require skill and a *lot* of time. It's not a DYI project. Sorry! Cheers,
  10. Just a quick note for others who might read this: the Pacific Northwest ferries are compatible with Henrik's World Wide Shipping. The traffic files are independent. Potential conflicts with DD Seattle City X are discussed here: Cheers,
  11. Hi guys, The reason you go to Refuge Cove with a yacht like that is to pick up the grand kids who have just been flown up via Kenmore Air or Harbour Air, restock the wine and booze (they have an excellent wine collection,; guess why) get fuel, and have a hamburger with hand cut french fries. Then you head out. Maybe to Forbes Bay. Around sunset, break out the wine and watch the sun go down over East Redonda Is. Or try Mink Island. In the summer, stay away from Prideaux Haven unless you love mosquitoes. Wherever you go, I hope you won't look down on those sail-boaters in their little boats.
  12. Hello, Sorry to say, the bits and pieces of the PNW ferries were configured to only work with Orbx Central. In fact, all new Orbx releases are now through Orbx Central. FTX Central is functional as a legacy installer for those who are happy with with they have. If you might be interested in other new Orbx products as they come along, it might be worth posting about your difficulties in the Orbx Central support forum. My guess is there is something unique about your system, and that can likely be resolved. But it's up to you. Cheers.
  13. Hi Bert, No not something you could do yourself. But stand by. I started puttering with Mill Bay today. (There are a lot more steps than you might think.) Would you settle for the ferry Quinsam, the boat used at Nanaimo? Making the authentic Mill Bay ferry just for that route does not sound that appealing to me at the moment. Cheers
  14. Hi Bert, Good for you! This is one route that I did not modify (yet). You are seeing the default boat. It's not on the usual floatplane routes north so I skipped it. I thought no one would notice ha ha. However I've taken that ferry a couple of years ago with Holger so I know what it looks like as well as the terminals; I'll think about adding the route. Cheers,
  15. As long as it works for you, that's good! I"m guessing you removed folders, not files, but in any case, looks like you removed the AI boats themselves, not the traffic file that was guiding them. That would fix problems with respect to those boats. However my guess is that the rogue default traffic file may still be active. That has routes for various ships too, tankers, cargo vessels, etc. So those will end up duplicated, once from the default traffic file still active, and once from the unmodified routes in the PNW ferries file. This will cause duplicate boats in these cases if you look carefully. You may or may not notice it, but if you do, you will know the cause. The texture reference is just a 'fallback' telling P3D where to look for the textures. A final thought: if you use symbolic links in your scenery setup, that might possibly be the source of the problem. I have fooled myself once or twice using symbolic links and then forgetting that I had done it. Cheers,
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