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  1. These sorts of things amuse me. Do you happen to have the lat lon where the sinking occurred? And do you have any scenery other than the default active? Typically, a default AI ship or ferry that follows a route that was OK with default scenery may run into an obstruction added by a scenery package. But not always; sometimes it's a great mystery. On the other hand, a boat that ugly deserves to sink. At least you were there to notify the authorities.
  2. Another sad occurrence, this one very near CAC8: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/gabriola-island-plane-crash-1.5392071
  3. There are times when I’m quite happy that I have no pretentions of being a pilot, like tomorrow (Wednesday). I’m hoping to take the 12:40 pm floatplane up to Victoria BC tomorrow, however the weather forecast includes the following. I may or may not get there, but I don’t have to make the call. 11:02 AM PST Tuesday 26 November 2019 Wind warning in effect for: Greater Victoria Strong winds that may cause damage are expected or occurring. An arctic ridge of high pressure over the BC interior will intensify this evening. Strong northeasterly outflow winds up to 70 km/h gusting to 90 will develop this evening for the Southern Gulf Islands and overnight for Howe Sound and Greater Victoria. The strong winds will ease Wednesday night. Damage to buildings, such as to roof shingles and windows, may occur. Loose objects may be tossed by the wind and cause injury or damage. Wind warnings are issued when there is a significant risk of damaging winds.
  4. Thanks for mentioning the pilotable boats Steve. They began more or less as an afterthought and were placed in an Extras folder should some be interested. There are three of them: the Angelfish (CAG8), a harbour tug (YRC), and the Norwegian Pearl cruise ship (CAE3). There will be another one to go along with my next project. The three SPBs were published before the advent of Orbx Central which features the option to install as an xml add-on in a location of your choice. Now that this is possible, and due to the internal workings of Orbx Central there are a couple of unanticipated results. The idea had been to keep the installation simple and optional. The Guides for the boats instructed those who might want to try them to copy the FTX_AA_[product name]\Extras\[name of boat] folder to their SimObjects\Airplanes folder in the sim. (This method still works if necessary.) If you use Orbx Central and the xml add-on method to install: When using the xml add-on method with OC, it turns out that the Angelfish and the harbour tug will be automatically enabled when you install the SPB. You should find the boats in your list of aircraft. Although that’s not what was originally intended, perhaps it’s a good thing. The Norwegian Pearl is not currently enable automatically but it’s set up to be an independent xml add-on and one way to install it is covered in the guide, located in the [your chosen install location]\ ORBX\FTX_AA_CAE3\Extras\ Norwegian_Pearl_Add-on folder. I’ll have to consult with the powers that be to see if anything specific needs to be done about these ‘extras’ at this point.
  5. Hello Jean Marc, This is really quite wonderful! I know it would be a huge amount of work, but perhaps you could consider adding a bibliography, even a few citations to go along with your work. I read a marvelous book dealing with this general area as part of a history course I took recently: https://www.amazon.com/Gentleman-Adventurer-Edward-Beauclerk-Maurice/dp/0618773584 The result is that I daydream about flying to one of locations to take pictures for a scenery project. Just a dream, but a nice one. Cheers
  6. Hello, I'd suggest posting your request on FSDeveloper; they have a forum just for this purpose: https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/forums/project-recruiting.108/ I think you will have better luck there. (It's possible that KCOE is included in one of the Orbx enhanced airport packs and that might suit your needs; others would know.) Cheers,
  7. For what it's worth, my thought is to wait until one needs storage space before buying it. It's embarrassing to buy a lot of storage when you still have adequate space left only to find that by the time you would have needed it, the price of the new drive has dropped by a significant amount, or perhaps more advanced drives are available. At worst, you will only be a week behind getting the latest software offering(s) while you wait for Newegg to ship a new drive and get it installed. Cheers,
  8. This is rather spooky; can't wait to see how this looks in P3D. (I spent 8 years there as a 'real' student, and the last 10 years taking classes just for the fun of it.)
  9. Hello Johnny, Having been there what seems like a long time ago, for these sorts of questions the best advice is going to be at fsdeveloper.com. The odds of finding the answer are just better there. It's always a bit more complicated than it seems, for example, how do you reduce the compression artifacts in the .dds you will have to edit since you don't have the source images. And there may be legal issues depending on what you want to do. FSD is the place where detailed and knowledgeable help is available; just ask. Cheers,
  10. Hello Michael and welcome to the forums. Unfortunately there is no such patch for Vic+. Vic Plus for Orbx PNW was specifically made for this purpose but since the passing of Jon Patch and the closure of his estate, this product is no longer available. I have considered doing at least the inner and outer harbours but at present it seems like an overwhelming task to do it the way I would want to. But who knows.... Cheers,
  11. Hi guys, Perhaps the following will save someone from a big hassle with the 1903 update: Immediately and consistently following my 1903 update I got a BSOD upon resuming from sleep or hybrid sleep with an 'Internal Power Error'. Google hits describe a large variety of sources for the error with a lot of horrific solutions advised up to reformat and reinstall everything. I tried all the easier solutions I could find without luck based on my initial searches. It turns out the specific problem has been noted even with the update to 1803 and the solution is simple. I'm using a 2TB Samsung NvMe SSD with the Samsung version 3.0 driver. The driver is the source of the problem. You can either update the driver to v3.1 or just uninstall the Samsung driver so as to use the built in MS one. I updated the driver; problem seems to be solved. Here's a link that describes the issue for the 1803 update but it looks like it applies to v1903 too. https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/all/internalpowererror-resuming-from-sleep-on-1809/eb1f8de9-a6f7-4dcc-a8ac-db2648282446?page=3
  12. Hello Joao, I'm guessing that you had been using Instant Scenery which unfortunately has never been updated to 64 bit P3D v4. There are other options but nothing yet is as easy to use as "IS". For that reason I still keep a copy of P3D v3 on my machine. The IS generated files work fine in V4, so if it's important to you, I'd suggest also keeping P3D v3 on your machine and continuing to use IS.
  13. Hi guys, not to create a panic but you might want to be aware of the 'high CPU usage after 1903 update' issue. Google it for lot's of info. From what I understand, this may --- or may not have been resolved by MS at this point. After my machine updated itself yesterday to 1903, I was one of those affected; it's easy to see with procmon. But rather than trying any of the exotic fixes, and thinking that I would just try rebooting, I found there was another 'update' available. Choosing update and restart seems to have resolved the issue for me at least.
  14. A really nice set of shots Martyn! Here's a little something that might amuse you guys, something that Rob Abernathy suggested. I figured people would say 'what, Campbell River, the salmon capital of the world and you did not model any salmon??". Well, yes I did thanks to Rob. There are two reasonably authentic models where they should not be too hard to find if you look a bit and there is a moving school of herring near one of the fish models too. Larry
  15. Very sad news; a Seair crash as reported here: https://vancouverisland.ctvnews.ca/at-least-four-dead-after-small-plane-crashes-off-vancouver-island-1.4525406 As some may know, the Seair facility in Nanaimo is modeled in some detail in Orbx CAC8. I've stood on their dock many times, and I suspect I've seen the very plane that crashed a number of times. Even though I've never flown with them (always Kenmore Air) it still feels like a family loss. Larry
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