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  1. Then it's more work, then you have to go manually into the Orbx folders and remove all the dsf files that are not related to the tile of La Palma... I would not recommend that, it's a lot of work...
  2. Hi, see attached an extract of my scenery_packs.ini with all the airports and sceneries of the canaries. The trick is to have the Spain UHD tiles installed (except for La Palma and La Gomera) ABOVE the ortho&mesh tile of Orbx, and have the Orbx overlays above the SpainUHD folders, so the Orbx overlays show up even above the Spain UHD scenery. Then have all custom canaries airports above the Orbx provided airport file, and GCLA on the top. That should do it. scenery_packs.ini
  3. Some additional information: GCRR always had that issue with the surrounding terrain, since FlyX uses the always flatten flag in the scenery, so they simply flatten a rectangle around the airport, which does not play well with the real life topology, see https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/53887-lanzarote-gcrr-fly-x-simulations/&do=findComment&comment=277627 . It's the same with their Fuerteventura scenery if I remember correctly, but there the coast is more flat so you don't notice it. Mesh patches are a mess in X-Plane 11, so these are not easy to solve, and need the coo
  4. Thanks Tony, Yes, fully aware of the mesh related difficulties in XP11, so that I just wanted to document, it was not a negative comment to the product. Thanks for looking into La Gomera Any feedback on issues 1 (GCLA missing safedock system) and 3 (strange baked in outlines)? Cheers, Peter
  5. Dear Orbx, I would have purchased the addon even if it was only GCLA and the island of La Palma, since this is my all time favourite airport and I have been to it at least 10 times in the past decade (as a passenger), and I am happy with my purchase, but here is an extensive list of minor bugs that I have found. Initial impressions: - Both the overlays, the ortho, and the mesh is nicely done. - GCLA is beautifully modelled, it feels like the real thing, really really 5* job (except for one bug, see below), no debate about that. Runway profile is also properly
  6. Unfortunately I have found more of these problematic power lines to the East of the Inn valley, they are closer to the ground so they are not evident during any IFR approach towards LOWI, but during VFR flights they are quite visible These (except for one) can not be corrected using the exclusion trick, because all of their endpoints overlap with pylons of actual power lines, so any exclusion will also remove those too. The only solution would be removing these from the original network data, but only ORBX can do that... I would be even happy to look into their network file myself, for free,
  7. SOLUTION FOR POWER LINES Ok, in the meantime I solved this issue with a small trick, by finding all the 7 power line pylons holding these super long and straight fake power lines and putting exclusions above them in World Editor. I compiled these exclusions into a tiny scenery package. See attachement. Put this (unzipped) in your Custom Scenery folder, and make sure that in your scenery ini file it is above the Orbx LOWI entries. Again, this will only remove the fake power lines and leave all the real ones untouched Hopefully some people will find this solution here. I have to say
  8. So, is there a solution to the rogue power lines across several valleys? It is clearly some artefact in the power line data, as I can even see one power line mast holding the Northern end of such a long straight power line in the valley that starts running South from the sky jump tower (keep flying South, past the large highway viaduct and you will see the power line straight in front of you going along the valley). It is quite an annoying artefact and the solution must be pretty easy by finding these anomalies in the power line data.
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