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  1. Hi Nick, with some experimenting i have now solved the problem. Thanks for your help. Cheers Ron
  2. Hi Nick, great but my problem is that i dont even see this screen and hence cant log in to do any changes. When i click Orbx Central icon the login window opens and in a moment rushes to the left completely off the screen. I dont know how to get access to the login screen. Before i had two screens and had no problem and now i have changed to a curved large widescreen and the problem occurs (but only on Orbx Central). What can i do to get Orbx Central back? Cheers Ronald
  3. Hi Nick, thanks for your reply. Sorry i dont understand how to do what you have suggested. I cant find the entry „minimise...“. Pls help with more details since i am stuck and cant install what i have bought. Thanks a lot. Cheers Ronald
  4. Hi, i have two problems with the Orbx installation and hence cannot install the apps i have bought today: When i download the installer Norton Security states a malicious file, blocks the download and erases the file When i get the installer with tricks to work it installs Orbx but when i start it, it shows up very short and then flips out on the left of the monitor out of sight. Whatever i do i cant get it visibly on the screen to logon. No other app does this on my PC i am using Windows 10 with the very latest update a few days ago. What can i do the get Orbx Central running.
  5. Hi, i am using P3D V4 with a HTC Vive Cosmos. I have installed: Global Base Pack Global Buildings HD Global Trees HD Global Vector Global Open LC Europe Austria HD from Flugwerk How can i make sure that the best scenery pack with the highest resolation and density is used by P3D for each location i want to fly? Austria is covered by both Orbx and Flugwerk and maybe i will also install FS Global Ultimate Next Generation (any experience with it???). Cheers Ronald
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