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  1. I managed to use the Airport Inspector mentioned here to at least get the ILS working somewhat correctly, only I don't really know what I'm doing with it and the Glideslope touchdown point is half way along the runway
  2. As an update to my original problem, I no longer have the drastic frame rate drop. I disabled all addons, and turned them back on one by one. The very last thing I enabled was Active Sky, which saw the drastic frame rate drop again. I also have Active Sky Cloud Art, and found that by switching from the Full Dynamics scene to one of the other normal scenes the problem went away. So, in my case the original problem seems to be due to either ASCA full dynamic scene, or ENVTEX which it uses? I haven't dug any deeper as I've been busy trying to fix the RWY06 ILS issue
  3. I seem to have made a dramatic improvement by turning down my texture settings:
  4. Here's an example of the issue I am seeing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PqtqMWnNFdQ&feature=youtu.be I have tried turning all addons off and just enabling ORBX Global Vector and EGPH. It seems to be most prevalent as I'm crossing RWY 06 threshold and seems to clear on passing RWY 24 threshold. Oddly it doesn't seem to do it from the other direction.
  5. Strange, I found that my Nvidia drivers needed updating so did that with the hope that it would fix this - it didn't I'll try some further testing later when I get home from work. I have Orbx global, ftx vector, Europe LC, ftx Scotland installed particular to that area, so I'll try switching each off in turn to see if there's a conflict of some sort. Also, I tried a flight from Shoreham to EGLC, at about 10-15 miles out from EGLC the same drastic frame rate drop happens. Also, when I start a new scenario with EGLC or EGPH I start with around 25
  6. Hi, I have recently purchased EGPH, EGLC and EGNX. EGNX works fine, but EGPH and EGLC have some severe framerate issues. Below is an example of what I mean with EGPH. Here I am at the holding point for runway 06 looking straight ahead and my framerate is around 25. Then, when I look torwards the airport my framerate drastically drops, fluctuating between 1 and 5 fps. Any idea what is going on? I've tried day and night, turning on and off dynamic lighting and trying different lighting and graphics settings. I've disabled
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