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  1. 2020 is no way for me to meet my flight. To be honest, there is no boutique model. The map is too old in 2012. In short, it can't meet my flight.
  2. We also need airports in Asia, especially in the Middle East and India
  3. I really don't like FMS. I still like P3D
  4. The first part should be almost done. I only know whether I can do the second part and the third part now? In addition, most of the flyers have stopped flying MFS and turned back to P3D. I know that the professional simulation flight platform in recent years is still P3D. I hope Orbx can also be a landmark or city in Asia, such as Tokyo, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Kuala Lumpur and Manila. We are looking forward to it in P3D.
  5. How far is Asia now? When can we fly across Asia.
  6. If orbx Asia really doesn't hope I don't mind updating the device, but I still hope to see the light.
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