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  1. Hi, After a complete re-install of my windows system and Orbx library once again my YBBN (Brisbane) scenery is not working properly for me. As per the attached screen shot the terrain is wrong right next to the runway with slopes, there is a change in texture that causes a sharp line across the runway and taxi way and the threshold has a totally different (looks like default?) texture. I have Australia V2 installed, Vector and Global. I uninstalled airport textures for grass and runways/taxi ways from ENVTEX which I had installed too. Still did not help. Anyone have any ideas why this is happening? I have also ticked the Aus V2 boxes in Vector and YBBN config areas. Thanks Marc.
  2. Nick, I seem to have fixed it. It looks as though Rex HD Airports has a disable grass texture feature in the settings which I ticked and now the problem has gone away (Please see screen shot). I tried both the default and photo-scenery option and they both worked. Thanks for your help. Cheers Marc
  3. Hey mate, I haven't physically installed overdrive, unless it is installed as part of the ORBX product installation I wouldn't know. You are correct from your previous post that there are rectangle areas with low resolution in the airport scenery area. Not sure why these tiles are acting this way. Lol I work with computer software as a job and still cant figure this out. Might have to wait to see if its fixed in some sort of update. I must add that I do have Rex HD Airport Environment textures installed for all default airports, maybe that is the culprit. I will do some testing. cheers Marc.
  4. Nick, I changed the textures to photo-realistic in the AU2 control panel and it is pulling through the default runway texture but not the taxiways etc as per below. The very course grass texture permeates all the surrounding textures making it highly unrealistic. Not sure where to go from here. I don't want to have to re-install P3D from scratch as everything else seems to work ok, even ORBX Melbourne is working fine. Maybe one of my files is corrupted... cheers Marc
  5. Hi all, Recently I updated my P3D version 4.5 with the hotfix 2 patch. Most of my add-ons have still worked with the exception of Activesky P3D4 which I had to update with a beta version from their website. My scenery from ORBX was still working flawlessly after these updates. Subsequently a few days ago I purchased Australia V2 from ORBX. After the installation, my ORBX YBBN (Brisbane airport) has some issues I cannot for the life of me fix. My issues are the same as the user who posted this thread. I am getting texture issues with the runways and taxi-ways with very course grass under these items. I am also getting terrain bumps and hills next to the runway. Initially I was using FTX Central and installed AU2 using this. When the YBBN issue came up I found out that ORBX Central may fix the issues I am having so I upgraded and re-installed AU2 and YBBN using ORBXCentral. I used the control panel for YBBN to activate AU2 terrain (checked the tick box) and also left the default scenery ticked (I have not used the photo scenery + FSX runway etc option). I then also vertified ALL files for all my other scenery by ORBX via ORBXCentral (Global, Vector, HDTrees, YMML). In Vector I ran the manual elevation tool and selected in the last checkbox that I have FTXAU installed. I then checked my scenery order and placed the ORBX products under all the payware airports, this order seems to be ok from what I have seen on other posts. I then tested YBBL and I still get the texture and terrain issues. I then deleted my shader and terrain.cfg files and then let P3D re-create them. This did not work. last but not least I re-installed the P3D client to put a fresh set of shader files etc in the sim (I have ENVTEX and ENVSHADE installed as well but not the grass and airport environment textures). This also did not work. I have Rex HD Airport Environment installed. Could this be the issue? It looks as though I have two runways competing with each other as I have two sets of Papi lights and runway lights. Should I uninstall the HD Airport Environment and see if this works? I have tried to learn as much as I can from the forum posts from previous people but now I am at a loss as to why this is not working. I did re-name one of the files as stated above and it did fix the terrain issue but obviously I should not have to change files manually with all the new AU2 and YBBN updates? I have posted my Prepar3d config file. Any help would be appreciated. cheers Marc. AU2 purchase id 5d8dc4bfe2087 Prepar3D.cfg
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