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  1. Well... don't I feel like a heel... just realized I was running FTX Central 3... upgraded to 4 and it's all good now.
  2. Uninstalled and quit central... Still no joy. Going to try downloading it manually.
  3. OK.. so, I tried that and no joy. When I click on the SD version of TE Washington, it tells me I have no downloads available for this product...
  4. I guess I never thought to try "buying" the SD version. I just did, so I'll try installing it now. Thanks!
  5. I own TrueEarth Washington HD, which seems to also give me access to the SD version. How do I switch between the two? I'd like to try the SD version in VR and see if I get any performance differences. I've tried uninstalling the HD version, but then the SD version tells me I have no downloads available. Any ideas?
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