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  1. yes. everything is ok now, I runed the configurator several times, finally it went all the way and now I can use chaseplane ok! great software. thanks for the answer!
  2. It seems I did not make myself clear: when I initially posted, the initial configuration was crashing, so there was no way to use ChasePlane. After numerous attempts (each one crashed) last night the configurator seemed to finish. I didin't have time to make a proper test but it seems now the cameras are working.I'll be back if needed. Thanks
  3. Done. Please notice that there is no more option for VC. In On-Board (ChasePlane) is unusable, nothing moves: not the mouse, not key assignments, not the head switch. In 'only VC' head switch works but I cant see outside. I've tried several planes, same issue.
  4. Until I will have my ticket solved, an be able to run ChasePlane proprely, I want to be able to use the Airbus run as before installing CP.
  5. Thank you for the answer. Untill I get Chase Plane working I would really need the view system. Is there another way, for ex deleting some entries that I suppose ChasePlane added in the .cfgs?
  6. Hello. I have an error while running configure: it stops and say I should submit a ticket; I did. The big problem is that it messed up the cameras for the Aerosoft Airbus. I see the passengers cabin instead of the standard view (the primary captain view), thus the Airbus unusable. Till I get an answer form the ticket support, can someone point out a way to get my Airbus back to normal? I am using win 7. Thanks for any input! Cheers, Mircea
  7. Well actually I am a bit confused. I also bought OpenLC Europe since I was really enthusiastic about the rapeseed fields. I seen them in many vids on youtube. For ex, this shot made by Morgan Thomas ('taking off from Runway 33 at Birmingham Airport, and climbing up '). I went to Birmingham, tried with all seasons. But there are no yellow fields. Any ideas? Thanks
  8. Hello. I just got Orbx Global and i'm quite happy. I have a question: I have seen in vids yellow fields in Europe. I don't see them with my current purchace. Do they show up in LC Europe or only in the country specific countries packs (ex England, Germany noth etc)? Thanxs Mircea
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