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  1. I realize that, but I was meaning that when in flight at say, 30000' , when flying from area to area, the textures in the next area don't load and remain blurry. I believe in Italy, there is a debarkation between regions, just south of Pisa. Beyond that, the textures just won't load. Thanks
  2. The first and second pics are of the N of Italy and Rome/ Lazio region. The second pic clearly demonstrates the issue. As I said, I see the logic i not loading all regions at once, but they don't even load as I fly closer or transition into each area. Thanks.
  3. I have a curious situation, when flying in Italy using this orbx product. The flight is from LIMC to LIRF (Milan to Rome) The scenery in N Western Italy is crisp and remains consistent until Pisa. It's as if someone took a ruler and made a line, beyond which all textures would be blurry. Similarly, If I start the flight in Rome or Bari, their corresponding regions are nice and crisp until I cross a regional boundary and then its the same instant blurry textures. It would make sense that ORBX only loads the textures where one is flying, but they just won't load once crossing the regional boundary. I'll try and get a top down screen shot.
  4. Well, lol, eventhough I backed up the scenery.cfg, when I tried to install yours, my sim said I needed an valid .cfg file or I should reinstall the entire sim. when I tried to revert to my saved file I got the same message. SO, I deleted the file and let FSX rewrite the file. The downside is, all the addon scenery needs to be re installed. Is there a recommended order in which to install orbx files? And this time I'll leave out Vic +
  5. Sadly, after Jon Patches passing, all his payware and donation ware sceneries are gone for good as his kids demanded that they be removed from all sources. That's why I haven't purchased PNW. I tried the demo, but it turned the strait of Juan da Fuca black lol. I'll give your .cfg file a go. Thanks for your efforts.
  6. Hi. Thanks- and do I manually move these entries around? And not sure why areas 155-157 are missing. that's a mystery since I never deleted any of the scenery from the main scenery folder.
  7. After deactivating and re activating (one by one) the orbx sceneries in my Scenery Library, it seems they do not play well with FSX, at least in my case. The problem with my lclookup.bgl occurred after the global base pack updated, yesterday. I know better than to request a refund, but I am very disappointed. The products look fantastic, but for whatever reason, (and I do accept some culpability because of my level of computer literacy) they have wreaked havoc on my flight sim. 5d780eacf33fc. 5d7d9a23a6f42
  8. And just because South Western Alberta and the Rockies weren't frustrating enough, here's how Vancouver looks from the sky- Although these look like misplaced tiles?? Any idea what's happening? Also, the migration troubleshooter found this chestnut: Cheers! migration_missing.txt
  9. My apologies. here is ( I hope) the correct one. Thanks. scenery.cfg
  10. Thanks- So here is the scenery config and 3 different screenshots. For CYYC, I am using simaddon's CYYC, because it was easier on frame rates than the fs studios one. As I said, before I installed Global base pack and the open LC for N.America, the TransCanada was clearly visible and many of the secondary roads. Now the traffic goes wherever- hence the first screen shot; it leaves the airport and drives over a field- this never happened before. In any event, I'm sure the scenery.cfg will indicate some glaring errors I've made. Cheers! scenery.cfg
  11. Hi, after installing NA open land class and global base pack, all my roads, rivers and lakes have disappeared or are fragmented. I am also running Northern Rocky mountains which offered some good suburban aerial scenery between Calgary and Canmore. The Bow river has disappeared as well as the roads. I uninstalled and reinstalled both the library and FTX Northern Rockies- no change. Is there a tweak I'm missing?
  12. Thanks. I was saddened to learn of his passing. In the FS9-FSX community, a person's (most often someone we've never met personally) works are his enduring legacy. The reason I asked is because Vic + for fsx is still available for download. I'm guessing that the compatible version was payware? Anyways, I'm enjoying your additions as well, I just might have to temper my expectations when it comes to seeing regular ferry service out of Nanaimo lol.
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