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  1. Seriously gentlemen, is this upgrade still on the table?
  2. As I was afraid of, Fsimstudios is busy tweaking the CYVR scenery for MSFS instead of releasing it for P3d. NICE guys, really nice.
  3. I hope they haven't decided to only add this for MSFS now... So many addon companies seem to have suspended releasing their planned scenery for P3d in anticipation of MSFS
  4. Since Fsimstudios publishes through Orbx, is there any release date on CYVR? Their FB page said August, but there have been no new announcements. Has everyone suddenly abandoned P3d?
  5. I guess the bridge maker is still bridge making? lol
  6. I was wondering if there was any further news on this project? Thanks
  7. has this been made compatible with P3D v5?
  8. I realize that, but I was meaning that when in flight at say, 30000' , when flying from area to area, the textures in the next area don't load and remain blurry. I believe in Italy, there is a debarkation between regions, just south of Pisa. Beyond that, the textures just won't load. Thanks
  9. The first and second pics are of the N of Italy and Rome/ Lazio region. The second pic clearly demonstrates the issue. As I said, I see the logic i not loading all regions at once, but they don't even load as I fly closer or transition into each area. Thanks.
  10. I have a curious situation, when flying in Italy using this orbx product. The flight is from LIMC to LIRF (Milan to Rome) The scenery in N Western Italy is crisp and remains consistent until Pisa. It's as if someone took a ruler and made a line, beyond which all textures would be blurry. Similarly, If I start the flight in Rome or Bari, their corresponding regions are nice and crisp until I cross a regional boundary and then its the same instant blurry textures. It would make sense that ORBX only loads the textures where one is flying, but they just won't load once crossing the regional bound
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