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  1. Hi Mike Sierra thanks for your post, unfortunately no I don't have Acronis installed...
  2. Hi Nick I'll try to isolate the issue by disabling the addons one by one. I was wondering if there was an obvious tweak on P3D configuration aswell (texture resolution, distance to draw etc) I've followed the excellent pdreset manual for P3Dv5 but maybe I have to investigate more. Thanks anyway and merry christmas !
  3. Hi, also experiencing freezes at EGLL on the ground (but much less frequent than when flying inbound South England) PS : is it ok to post this kind of request for support here ? Is my account correctly linked to my history of purchases or do I have to fill some forms somewhere with all my purchase proofs ?
  4. Hi Approaching GB's coastline about 300NM inbound EGLL, I get more and more frequent freezes until touchdown. These freezes last 1 min or more each, and I get 10 or 15 freeze sequences. It's completely unfiable. I have to say that I don't experience CTD, only very long and frequent freezes. I don't get these freezes outbound from EGLL (though loading EGLL after a fresh P3D restart takes 10 minutes at least) Configuration : P3DV5 latest HF, FSLABS32X, All Orbx products (global, vectors etc), UK2000 EGLL. If I deinstall Orbx Truearth then it's smooth
  5. Hi Sorry, I'm not sure to understand what I'm supposed to do ? Which control panel ?
  6. Hi again not totally resolved... black tiles all around the scene
  7. In fact...almost gorgious I have lots of black tiles remaining...maybe still some files missing ??
  8. Hi @Nick. I suppose I'll be notified when this issue is fixed ? Thanks
  9. @Nick, obviously the installer doesn't parse all the needed files How can I do to get a working LOWI airport ?
  10. Sure scenery : 34 files/3,02Go texture : 1738 files/437Mo
  11. There's definitly something wrong with the installer I've desinstalled all ORBX products Then I've re-installed in this order : - ORBX CENTRAL /BASE PACK + P3D reboot - OPEN LC EUROPE + P3D reboot - ORBX LIbraries + P3D reboot - ORBX Objectflow + P3D reboot - ORBX LOWI + P3D reboot then I realize that FTX_AA_LOWI is not registered in the scenery.cfg ! Of course, on LOWI airport, the scenery displayed is the default P3D LOWi scenery so I create an entry for FTX_AA_LOWI and restart P3D : and same problem
  12. Hi Yes scenery complexity is highest (see screenshot) here's my scenery.cfg thanks scenery.cfg
  13. Any admin/Support staff : an idea ?? rather to deinstall and reinstall all orbx products ?
  14. Hi Doug I did everything you said. Problem not solved, LOWI is empy
  15. Ok thanks Doug, I'll try this next tuesday for the record, I'v already verified files of LOWI and sync simulator I didn't verify libraries and object flows...I'll try this
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