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  1. Hi Mike Sierra thanks for your post, unfortunately no I don't have Acronis installed...
  2. Hi Nick I'll try to isolate the issue by disabling the addons one by one. I was wondering if there was an obvious tweak on P3D configuration aswell (texture resolution, distance to draw etc) I've followed the excellent pdreset manual for P3Dv5 but maybe I have to investigate more. Thanks anyway and merry christmas !
  3. Hi, also experiencing freezes at EGLL on the ground (but much less frequent than when flying inbound South England) PS : is it ok to post this kind of request for support here ? Is my account correctly linked to my history of purchases or do I have to fill some forms somewhere with all my purchase proofs ?
  4. Hi Approaching GB's coastline about 300NM inbound EGLL, I get more and more frequent freezes until touchdown. These freezes last 1 min or more each, and I get 10 or 15 freeze sequences. It's completely unfiable. I have to say that I don't experience CTD, only very long and frequent freezes. I don't get these freezes outbound from EGLL (though loading EGLL after a fresh P3D restart takes 10 minutes at least) Configuration : P3DV5 latest HF, FSLABS32X, All Orbx products (global, vectors etc), UK2000 EGLL. If I deinstall Orbx Truearth then it's smooth
  5. Hi Sorry, I'm not sure to understand what I'm supposed to do ? Which control panel ?
  6. Hi again not totally resolved... black tiles all around the scene
  7. In fact...almost gorgious I have lots of black tiles remaining...maybe still some files missing ??
  8. Hi @Nick. I suppose I'll be notified when this issue is fixed ? Thanks
  9. @Nick, obviously the installer doesn't parse all the needed files How can I do to get a working LOWI airport ?
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