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  1. there is like 3 real life rooftop helipads in the entire state of Florida if i am not wrong, this is one:
  2. sample area is between miami south beach and midbeach. the peninsula is seamed with the high buildings, but the middle area is empty if object densitiy is not on top setting.
  3. i am a bit confused about the split of Custom vs. Overlay. i was assuming overlay delivers autogen residentials mainly while custom covers the landmarks. to gain fps i was playing around with the overlay/object density and it appears some key buildings (e.g. in Miami) go away with that. I also experience that all the residentials are only covered when x-plane's object density is on very high. is this correct or is there something i don't see? thanks for a bit more detailed answer.
  4. oh, Dr. Funny another one for you and John: heading already for the after-SOCAL time: Any chances for a North-East Package as a next step? There is massive lacks of coverage in the area from Boston down to D.C., including NYC's burbs, which need to cover with the ugly autogen. i know i might be too speedy for Dr. Funny again, but since you need to plan ahead, you might accept this inspirational request for good. This area has the highest densitiy of aviation and population in the entire world, it combines beautiful sights and challenges, provides utmost diversity, and it is the most flown sector in flight sim products. I am aware this could be your most challenging project, the more it is worth. thanks for considering.
  5. oh thank you Freddy, always enjoyed your products. I hope you get even more into detailed modelling. keep aim high! your link seems password protected by the way.
  6. can someone direct me to the TrueEarth Southern California for X-Plane 11 project? Can't see a link yet. also, where is dat hot fix link for FL. ? thanks.
  7. @jeff0000 picaiolo123 at gmail dot com, which scenery and building?. you will have your pad in 1 minute.
  8. @B-7no doubt, your expectations are shared by others (not me). All i do is explaining you that the x-plane creators made the decision to priotize collision avoidance over landable spots. to make a building landable, it will become a hard object which gets you crashed when tipping it, yes landing on rooftop of course becomes possible, whithout creating a helipad. (will add a short video for you). Think of X-plane as a highly open architecture environment where editability is a wide open treasure for the community, that's why it has become so successful. Yes, the developer could have thought of putting in some roof ports for those expecting a closed product system. Since the editing is so easy - and i can tell from my own experience, you will find a whole new world of creativity by editing the stuff to your needs. i am not advocating the dev, because your objection is valid, but really not a severe issue, since the correction is as easy as eating a pie. If you need better guidance of how to quickly do the change (takes 30 seconds), let me know.
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