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  1. My question is I have FTX YPMQ freeware installed, do I need to remove it before I install OrbxFTXAUYPMQ. Downloadspeed 2.44 mbs/second downloaded in less than 5 minutes. Eddie.
  2. I am using ANT'S Aussie airports which includes YBUD, do I need to delete the YBUD BGL files from the addon scenery files when i get the new YBUD airport. I assume we will see YBUD sometime this week. Ed Maynard
  3. ORBX, you guys are brilliant, each new release is even better! Ed Maynard
  4. Looking good, I hope Burnett Heads and the sugar terminal are also included. Ed
  5. I fixed this problem by deleting the ORBX folder and reloading all the FTX scenery, it all works fine now. Ed.
  6. I am reinstalling FSX and have loaded most of my FTX sceneries, OZx and Ants Aussie scenery. When i use FTX Central i get a message:Unhandled exception has occured, the error isE\MS Games\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\FTXCentral\Work\\Images\btnPDF_Off.png. i have looked in the relevant folder and cannot find this folder. Ed Maynard
  7. My specs are as follows:- Processor IntelĀ®Core2 DUO CPU E8500 @ 3.16GHz, Mother Board GIGABYTE GA-X48-DS4,Memory 4.00 GB,Graphics NVIDA Geforce GTX260, Gaming graphics 2303 MB Total available graphics memory.
  8. Hi Russ, i am not sure where i can check what is running but i use a LOGITECH G15 keyboard which shows ram usage of 30% cpu is 5% when the computer is idle, when i load the simulator at Brisbane usage goes to cpu 50% & ram 60% for all aircraft with or without FTX switched in, by the time i load up the FMC in the MD11 ram will run up to close to 70% which causes OOM. At the moment i have uninstalled FTX AU YBBN and the global settings are set on high and the N VIDA anistropic setting is back on default. Ed Maynard
  9. Hi Russ, Apologies about second entry but the subject was marked resolved I am adding screen shots of my settings. Iwilltry again tomorrow before i uninstal http://www.fsfiles.org/imagehost/uploads/1275573492.jpg http://www.fsfiles.org/imagehost/uploads/1275577623.jpg http://www.fsfiles.org/imagehost/uploads/1275589708.jpg http://www.fsfiles.org/imagehost/uploads/1275558950.jpg
  10. I wish to know how to uninstal YBBN as I am getting out of memory warnings, I have tried Ross's suggestion which has not worked,the YBBN patch YBBN Brisbane International V1.10 PATCH and it did not help, the sliders are around 50% and I am getting blurries so I intend to uninstal it so that i can still enjoy flying in the area, obviously my computer cannot handle the load. My os is Vista Home premium 32 bit. Ed Maynard
  11. I also am having out of memory problems with YBBN with PMDG MD11 and other aircraft, I have tried Ross,s fix but it had no effect, my sliders are set so low I am getting blurries on the aprons and taxiways. I tried to remove it by deleting YBBN but I got "could not find area message" so I had to reinstal it. What I want to know is the steps required to remove YBBN as my computer is not good enough to run the latest ORBX offerings. My os is VISTA HOME PREMIUM 32 bit. Ed Maynard
  12. I use the groundhandling gauge rcbgh-50.zip in all my aircraft which can be downloaded from Avsim file library, you can set distance and angle of turn, it is also a taxispeed gauge.
  13. A friend purchased the service pack 2 (Avalon) but does not have the blue, gold, green and red zones installed will he need to purchase and install the zones before installing service pack 2 or will it be better to wait for the revalidated areas before he purchases these areas.
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