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  1. When trying to install immersion 777 there is a notification that FSUIPC is not installed on the system. Immersion manager for 777 does not work, although it is installed according to "MyProducts" in Orbx Central. I have FSUIPC 6 installed for PD3V4.5 HF3 but it is not anymore installed in the Modules folder within the rootfolder of P3Dv4 but in c:\Users\username\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons\FSUIPC6. Is there any chance that this can be changed in the installation routine? Thanks and Cheers Roland
  2. Hi, after uninstalling VFXCentral, I have two directories in my system left from the product as shown in the attached screenshots: 1: D\OldProp Solutions Inc\OldProp Solutions Inc\VFXCentral with two files in it (cache and vfx_cache) 2: D\P3D64\OldProp Solutions Inc\Immersion Manager\Live\Effects\Texture with 15 files in it as per attached screenshot Is it advised and safe to delete these two directories before re-installing the products from Orbx Central? Thanks and regards Roland
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