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  1. Thanks Nick it's all sorted and working just great. Regards TJ
  2. Hi P3D does not show up in Orbx. I have uninstalled it removed all associated folders restarted my computer reinstalled Orbx but P3D does not show. I have used the Orbx homepage and tried to down load via this page but it required me to install Central which I did but still no luck. Any advice? MSFS 2020 shows and works perfectly.
  3. I meant to say "get the Spitfire in P3D v5"
  4. Thanks Kev. I have the RealAir Spitfire in P3D v4.5. I wish I could get in P3D v5
  5. Awesome pictures. Is that the A2A Spitfire?
  6. Thanks for the prompt reply it is really appreciated. Now if only I can get P3D to respond I would have an awesome Flight Sim setup. I will try your suggestions. Keep safe and Happy Easter Regards TJ
  7. Sorry Nick it was a SCM (Senior Citizen Moment) Another problem I'm having is some sections of the scenery (all scenery) is in black with orange to yellow spots Other areas have a water like look. I have attached some screen shots.
  8. Hi, Just purchased Open LC Africa. One word awesome. I do how ever have a slight problem.As advertised all seasons are covered. In my case how ever I only have one season Any ideas? Regards TJ
  9. Hi, I'm currently using EU England mainly the southern part of England. Is it worth switching to True Earth Great Britain South?
  10. Hi New to all of this so lets see. There is not much as far scenery goes for Southern Africa, I do have Global Base Pack installed P3Dv4 Do I go Global Vector? Will this give me a better visual experience? On the Europe side of things which is better True Earth GB or EU England? If I install Global Vector would this improve England significantly?
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