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  1. I stopped the Avast for an hour whilst I removed and reinstalled the Central into my D: drive. Verified the files of a scenery package which I worked and it went through it without error. No I don't use Advanced System Care.
  2. By jove I've done it. Used Lorby Addon Manager and Packages to manually add each package I had with Orbx by locating to the Addon.xml file.
  3. Yes, that's worked a treat. My question now is where the folders go on my Sim (D:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4) or a seperate folder which points to the Sim?
  4. Avast is what I have too. I managed to get it working this morning, but found out the Orbx Libraries aren't installed in the Sim. Further to this, and this might be a little long winded, When I managed to install it, where do the folders go? (I am putting them on the SSD with my Sim.) Also, I use LorbySI Addon Organiser, and the folders aren't visible in the app, there fore, they are not active in the Sim. Can I add them with this? Or what should I do to activate them?
  5. Hi all I've just moved P3Dv4 to a new clean SSD and I want to move Orbx to it too. When I run Orbx Central, I get the message. Also, I have the prerequists installed, as I've found in the forum elsewhere, I also have Anti-Virus turned off and running Central in Admin mode. but no matter what I do, this keeps coming up. Any help appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Hi. I have the P3D version of EGHI (Southampton), and even though the Static Aircraft option is unchecked on FTX Central, they are still present in the Sim. Is there another way of turning these off? Thanks in advance . Operating system: W10 Simulator: P3D v4.5.1 Screenshot: Issue: Static aircraft showing.
  7. I'm guessing, if you have TE GB South, then great, it'll work nicely with it. If you don't, but have Global and FTX England, then that's OK too, but won't look as nice.
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