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  1. Have to ask can we expect a KTEX for P3D v5? It has been 5 months.
  2. Thanks, I turned off the Flightbeam recommended Orbx files. Flying KSLC-KSFO now, see how it works.
  3. I have Orbx NA NorCal installed and Flightbeam KSFO HD. Landing on 28L/R there is a hard scenery seam at the threshold that causes the aircraft to slam into the runway. Flightbeam suggests uninstalling the Orbx scenery. Is there a fix for this?
  4. Does anyone have this in MSFS-2020 and if so how is it?
  5. Copy I guess it does apply except for the whole part about not porting Vector over to v5. Well still waiting for KTEX in that case.
  6. Still waiting and wondering when KTEX will be ready for P3D v5. I bought it for v4 some time ago. Getting worried it got lost in the shuffle to MSFS.
  7. Thanks that's what I was looking for. Now that big hole from Reno to Denver...
  8. Where can I find the map that shows what area is covered by each Orbx region. I remember seeing it a while back.
  9. If a add on airport has a option to add/blend textures if using FTX global. That means I should enable this if using Orbx global textures correct?
  10. Hi, I have P3D v5 and MSFS installed on my system on different drives. P3D v4 has been uninstalled before the installation of MSFS. Orbx central does not see MSFS. Should it?
  11. Have to agree with Nick. Disabling crash detection is a must in P3D. I have had the same thing on other Add on airports with and without Orbx. KSFO on final just before touchdown to name one example. Not to mention having a AI taxi into me on pushback or when sitting in line for take off. Plus the odd airport vehicle driving into your aircraft and causing a crash. All things I cannot have occur in GFO. Turning off crash detection is the known fix in P3D across the board.
  12. Is there a reason KTEX has not been updated yet for v5? It has been a while.
  13. While not quite there yet, I will be getting to the point where I will be removing v4.5 as v5 has become more stable and most add ons have been updated to v5. The plan will be to wipe the SSD that v4 is on and use it for MSFS 2020. My question is what if any issues have popped up when removing v4 and keeping v5?
  14. Have to say I'm a huge fan of Alpha India Group(AIG). Free and quite flexible. It will take a little tweaking to get it just right with you hardware but well worth it. It maybe free but it is quite polished and professionally done. You can seIect what airlines you want in your sim. i would suggest adding airlines in batches since it does take time. About once a month I run the AIGTech Manager and update flightplans. It will be interesting to see what happens later in the year as they adjust to the lower number of flight happening now.
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