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  1. I've got all of the UK Airfields for XPlane, just wondering if they are on the list for MSFS2020, that's all
  2. Don't know if this has been picked up elsewhere but I'm sure I spotted 2 wind turbines by the side of the Thames?
  3. Thank you for that, I'm a bit puzzled though, I thought I had seen it at that price but now it says 'coming soon' ?
  4. Just wondering whether Pilot Plus will be offering a discount (as Orbx do) on the above if its already been purchased for Xplane. I did think it was already out but it seems not
  5. Not sure if this is anything to do with the scenery but the throttles don't seem to work on any aircraft? I can go anywhere else, Tacoma Narrows, London City, Leeds and anywhere and they are fine, weird I know, any ideas
  6. Thanks Jon, I tried again with the latest beta but still the same. Its odd but if I turn Vulkan off, textures go back to normal and FPS drop to more or less the same as 11.41 but smoother. I think I'll wait till its all sorted
  7. It was silky smooth without a doubt, the problem was textures. I have an i7 7700 @ 4.8ghz, RTX2070 Black 8gb and 32gb RAM. My settings started off mid range I suppose apart from World Objects
  8. As I have the steam version I thought I would give it a go as its easy enough to go back. First impressions were very good, although not a massive increase in fps, say 9/10 on average, I did notice that flying from London City, looking towards Canary Wharf, average fps were 27/28 and it was smooth as silk, however as I flew towards the buildings on Canary Wharf I noticed that the textures were very blurry. I don't fly from there often but I decided to go back to 11.41 and everything went back to normal (fps and mild stutters, mind you I forgot I had ramped up the settings, once I went back eve
  9. I'm not sure if this has been covered as I haven't flown from here in a while. I noticed that the sea surrounding the area doesn't blend in at all with the rest of the sea, it is far darker and has a distinct edge? I've looked at mt scenery packs.ini and that looks okay?? any ideas please thanks Paul
  10. Thankfully I'm back to normal, well system RAM usage with Xplane running is now about 12/13gb and that's when I am at places like London City or East Midlands. I removed World Traffic Light which I think was the cause of my problems. At least I've got just shy of 20 gb spare now
  11. I need to see why xplane has suddenly started using all this RAM Back to the drawing board
  12. Hi John, no its the system RAM that shoots up. When I load task manager and look at memory usage, its Xplane that is using nearly 29gb of the 32? previouisly when I have checked this it hover between 10-14. What is stranf is that I have had East Mids since it was released and although fps were around 18, it was flyable. I'm baffled to be honest, even going from London City is ok
  13. Don't know if this has been asked before but I was just wondering what Xplane is expected to use. The reason I ask is that for some reason I have started to have issues when I try to fle from East Midlands? Its never been a problem in the past but not I just get a crash to a grey screen with a message about not being able to open OpenGL? or Xplane has run out of memory???? which I've never had. I tried another flight from Leeds and although I'm get 20 fps the RAM usage is 29gb out of my 32. To be honest its not something I've ever looked at before but now I'm wondering if something has changed
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