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  1. I want to buy Southern Alaska Region and an airport (not decided which one). I already have Global Base, Vector, and a few Land Class products. Just for my understanding: Why does it matter which Orbx product I want to buy off the Orbx website to answer my question?
  2. Thanks for the reply Nick. I want to make sure I am understanding your answer. I have my sim running perfectly and don't want anything to mess it up. Are you saying I CAN still continue to use FTX CENTRAL V3 to purchase and install Orbx products as usual (yes or no). And it is NOT necessary to download and use the new Orbx Central V4 if I don't want to. Is this correct?
  3. I use FSX-SE and I have quite a few Orbx products. I have been using FTX Central V3 with no problems. I want to buy a couple more Orbx products over the next few days. Can I still use FTX Central V3 to purchase and install the programs as I have been doing? Or do I have to download and use the new Orbx Central V4 to purchase Orbx products from now on?
  4. I use FSX-SE and have all the Orbx Global programs installed and they work and look great. My question is about Orbx Regions. I want to start adding a few Regions particularly Southern Alaska. I see YouTube videos on the Southern Alaska Region from 6 to 8 years ago. If I buy Orbx Southern Alaska Region now , will I be getting an 8 year old program or does Orbx continually upgrade these regions?
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