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  1. Hello Marcus, Good job! Scenery issues solved apart from ARP elevation of Valdez. This is important to me, how could I fix this to be 120 ft instead of 75 ft without messing up with all layers? Looking forward to your reply and thanks again, Michel
  2. Thanks Marcus, I will try those files asap and let you know. Until then, nice day to you. Michel
  3. Hi Nick, Both Orbx PAVD and SAK are enabled on my system all default. Totally not operational this way... What I'd like to know: the terminal area with buildings, static planes, dynamic people and other objects are they part of SAK or PAVD? What about the RWY, are both laters involved or only one of them? Thanks, Michel
  4. Nick, as mentioned before I'm using the most recent version of P3Dv4.5. All works just fine all Orbx products included except PAVD. Michel
  5. Hi Nick, Apparently it has been disabled... I will move it to the left and push apply. Is that the right procedure or do I need to run autoconfig again? M;)
  6. Good Morning Nick and Marcus, I again removed Orbx PVAD airport, then SA region to reinstall in opposite order. I made a deep search for any "alien to Orbx" PVAD files except the P3Dv4.5 stock Valdez airport and made sure they are all removed. I ran the auto-configuration of airport elevation corrections pushing Apply several times. I resynchronised the simulator via Orbx Central/Settings/Help several times. The end result: Valdez has terminal buildings on a L-shaped plateau compared to the most part of the runway area. When I taxi from threshold RWY06 to threshhold RWY24, I have to endure a psychedelic trip as illustrated in detail in previous postings. I'am able to make the RWY operational via correcting the elevation of Orbx PVAD coded for 75 ft to the real elevation of 121 ft. The stock Valdez airport has been coded for 118 ft. When I let compile the bgl for 121 ft via ADE using P3D SDK, the terminal buildings evaporate in black floors with RWY and terminal area at the same level. However, this greater area is on a plateau versus surrounding Orbx scenery. The RWY is solid and behaves normal for TO & LDG from threshold to threshold. I must disagree with Nick stating there is no intrinsic fault in the Orbx Valdez and South Alaska sceneries. Both layers are coded for an elevation of 75 ft instead of the real value of 121 ft according to the FAA official ARP (Aerodrome Reference Point) data value. Prepar is doing a better job here with 118 ft, but has no priority in the layering. I presumed Orbx products are famous for enhancing realism not just eye candy. Lockheed Martin Prepar3D has not been conceived as a game but as a real simulator for aviation professionals. I'm not talking about a misplaced tree here or there, but in my humble opinion something fundamental as airport elevation aiming to keep matching reality whilst enhancing the visuals. I'm in no way contesting here that Orbx Valdez + Region South Alaska might work flawlessly on most of the customer systems over all those years. Except for when setting the correct actual QNH (keypress "B") the altimeter will indicate a faulty 80 ft on the runway and tarmac. Most probably not the reason for my issues on my system but still an undeniable fact. Looking foward to your replies and kind regards, Michel
  7. Nick, thanks for your reply. I need some distance from all that relentless troubleshooting and will come back later. My health comes first... Michel
  8. Nick, those files are part of the ADE 175 compiling proces. They are all removed from the active folder together with the ADEP4 bgls. Thanks for mentioning, M
  9. Hi Marcus and Nick, FTX SA was reinstalled via Central 4. No joy. Then I did the same for PAVD. Still no joy. Everything Orbx Valdez is default now. I have the terminal buildings, but Valdez field is not flyable due to elevation issues. All other Orbx sceneries work fine on my system except Valdez. This starts to suck as to me it feels like having bought a lot of work over the weekend with no solution in sight as we're stuck in a loop of "on the Orbx systems it works perfectly, on yours not, so..." We need to conclude this. Any suggestion? Thanks for letting me know. Michel
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