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  1. @Doug Sawatzky Any solutions to this issue? Or are you guys working on it? It's been a month now...
  2. I tried to disable the files for ENNK in EU Norway. (`ADE_FTX_NOR_ENNK.bgl` & `ADE_FTX_NOR_ENNK_CVX.bgl`) After it was suggested via a friend. This did not work either. A simple reinstall of Narvik did not work either
  3. Hi, here are the requested images: What I think it is supposed to look like: What it looks like randomly: I tried to get it from the same angle but I couldn't get a good screenshot.
  4. Hello, I am having a weird issue with Narvik's runway texture. It seems to switch between two textures (see images) With weird texture from farther away: Weird texture closer up: What I think it is supposed to look like: I have FTX Norway, Narvik (obviously) and Airports of Norway installed. I checked if I had accidentally enabled AoN ENNK but I did not. Order ID: 5d165dbab76a2 Greetings, Joram Davids
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