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  1. I have the same issue too and note that it has been noted, does this mean that a fix is being worked on?!
  2. Downloaded it, fantastic scenery with good frame rates although I note the white edge lights on runway 16L at Sydney Airport are blue, presumably a minor bug!!
  3. Hi does this mean that if you buy the product direct from Orbx it will be the updated version? Thanks
  4. Hi I have just downloaded the patch and relaunched to fly from Orbx Orcas Island but I Now have the original airport default buildings showing as well as Orbx Airport buildings! Is there a fix for this? I am going to try starting from the other Orbx airports I own to see if this a common issue after patch is installed.
  5. My experience to date is that in Open GL I have improved FPS and I can fly from default airports in Orbx PNW and TE GB south to Orbx airports I have installed but if I try to start at Orbx airports in these regions my system crashes. Using Vulkan my system constantly crashes, hopefully the bugs will be resolved in the final release.
  6. Perhaps it would help if developers promotional images on their product pages said what the settings were so the end user doesn’t have to experiment for hours to the best rendition. For me, some of the TE PNW can appear too dark whilst TE GB South too bright!
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    Hi I will keep Pmacb thanks
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    Hi yes sorry I seem to have registered under two names as I had problems logging on!
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    Sorry, what I mean is that I was recently notified that xplane anacortes, TE GB south and libraries had been updated so I duly updated my software. However I am not sure where I can find out what the updates do? Hope that makes sense! Thanks!
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