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  1. What I know about scenery dev you can write on the back of a matchbox so I'm just throwing something into the mix from 'a noob who knows nothing point of view' Rather than it being an Orbx issue is it possible that MSFS is trying to load the default as well as the Orbx scenery and thereby tanking the memory? Feel free to tell me to get my coat
  2. Hi, As per the title. Airport appears to be ok but no touchdown markers on the runway just centre lines. P3D v5 HF2 Cheers
  3. I've had the exact same issue with SAM messing up scenery_pack.ini which was resolved by removing SAM from the plugins and custom scenery folder. The SAM version 2.04 on the .org site is now a legacy product and has been superceded by SAM Suite. However, there appears to be quite a few people having the same issues with the newer version as well.
  4. If Orbx made global regions (Europe, NA, Asia etc) for XP11 I'd buy it in a heartbeat. Ortho4xp is all well and good but I just can't be bothered with the whole process. Life is too short and I'm too old. Go on Orbx, you know it makes sense and I'll love you long time
  5. Only recently got back into the sim habit after nearly a decade and had no idea ordering scenery was a thing. Just assumed everything got taken care of during installation. I've no idea how it works but I've attached my packs.ini on the off chance someone can tell me if it looks like it should do. Cheers scenery_packs.ini
  6. Thanks Nick. All sorted now and EGNX is looking nice. Great work, guys. Now, if you could just do the same for EGGP and EGCC that would be great. No rush, sometime next week will do
  7. Sorry Nick, ignore above. I didn't put the s at the end of orbxlibs. Schoolboy error
  8. Thanks, Nick. However, when I go into FTX Central and click on the library update available in the bottom left and click install I get a no licence for this product message. It says if it's freeware to go to a link and download but that takes me to a 404 not found page.
  9. Probably missing something but I've just installed EGNX and get the 'Could not load properly see the log.txt' thingy. Checked the product page and can't see any clear statement regarding having to download any library.
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