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  1. Hey...quick one....what does the red box with a white "T"indicate on the map? Great app....enjoying it so far....thank you!
  2. Definitely glad I got LOWI.....great airport area and exploring the valleys is going to keep me busy for a while. Runs great on my old rig, too .
  3. Thanks, Jon....that did it. No idea when or why I would have done that ( some bad internet advice, no doubt...)
  4. Hi, I currently do not see the terminal at Sea-Tac, although I used to. Just a flat area where it should be. I see a fix for the Enhancement version, but I do not have the suggested folder: "Unzip the attached file and drop the 3 files contained within into the TE Washington Airports/Objects/ksea folder allowing an overwrite." Have done a verify of both X-Plane and Orbx TE wash. SD. See attached scenery.ini. Any ideas? scenery_packs.ini Log.txt
  5. I am getting the same messages...this is an old thread...any progress or can I just ignore them? Does not seem to affect gameplay that I can tell.
  6. Hmmm....Defragged my scenery drive and saw some posts about library file permissions. Allowed permissions to be replaced on all child objects in ORBX Library (E:\ORBX Library\xp11\Orbx Libraries\Custom Scenery\Orbx_OrbxlibsXP). Started at non-TE WA airport - no error box as expected Started at Spokane - no error box Started at Sea-Tac - no error box Started at Israel's Farm - no error box If you look in the log.txt, there are still some files referenced by Israel's farm that are not being found, but no errors now. Looks like it was a drive/permission problem muck
  7. Sequim, WA airport . I am also getting similar errors for a couple of Freeware airports, not in Washington, regarding 3rd party library files, which seem to be there and were working before. May not be an ORBX problem. Will check XPlane forums. Thank you for your prompt help, as usual, John! Log.txt scenery_packs.ini
  8. Will do. Generic message in top right. Files mentioned in log are there but not recognised.Maybe XP 11 problem?
  9. Thanks, John. I uninstalled and reinstalled Israel's Farm, but am still getting the error. Tried flights from a few airports in the area without any noticeable problems, including Israel's farm. Just a bother so far. New log.txt attached. I also get these blocks of odd water texture in the San Juan's, if thats related. Log.txt
  10. Hi, Recently I am getting an error about missing textures when starting from TE Washington airports. The airport loads with the error box. There are some files in log.txt which fail. I have verified TE and all other ORBX products, verified my Steam XP11 install and am still getting the error. Using an airport outside this area is fine. Any ideas? See my log.txt and Scenery_pack.ini attached. Log.txt scenery_packs.ini
  11. I found 1...[H]Seattle Private....when you land there, buses will drive right through you as you sit in the road! Look in the mirrors before you step out!
  12. Canada Air is good: http://canadaairvirtual.ca Fly what you like...routes, challenges etc. Simple.
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