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  1. Hello, I'm in there in the last few days what fell on, put it here now purely to nivht a new topic for opening. At the Vienna Airport, the scenery is not harmoniously merged with Orbx, because at the edge around the airport everything is in white. What other airports I've installed is not (at least still fallen on), is that again a hiring thing? Had the scenery of LOWW completely Deinstaliert and re-played, unfortunately, this has also brought no success and desewegen I wanted to ask in round if someone had a solution for me. thank you in advance!! have two pictures set where the problem can be seen. greeting Heiko
  2. And again many thanks to all who helped me here, without your tips, I probably would not have dared to invest the money in this matter.
  3. Good Morning, Thanks for the quick answer and your tip! I immediately put into action and it works! I just made a first flight with Orbx, so I'm really excited about the textures, which is very far away with the FSX or standard textures of P3D. I like all that I have now in the P3D and so I wanted to have it for years, so the hobby is of course even more fun !! Perfect! Have a few screenshots made, because you better see if it is so right and looks good. the flight went from ESSA (also from Orbx) to EDDF
  4. Good Morning, so have the weekend again found the time to take care of P3D, I bought the three Orbx packages and installed. What until .......... NOW ....... everything went well, could not make a test flight, but what stung me very much is that many trees are very green (light). What I think does not look so optimistic, there is an option for or determines? Or sometimes asked how did you do your settings in the ftx Global Vector, is there anything you have to consider in the game together with the settings in the P3D you have? greeting Heiko oh so .......... thanks again with the installation size of Orbx, everything was fine and as you have sifted!
  5. Hello, Of course, this is always dependent on the PC, where I have increased my memory from 16GB to 32GB even before buying the P3D. Just try everything in peace to get the "perfect" attitude for me (just the FPS). What I definitely have add-ons or rather would like to buy, of course, are the aviators from PMDG (737,777,747) and also the Airbus family from Aerosoft! At Airports must still look, have determined 50 add-ons from the FSX rumligen, which can not be used for the most part or with a lot of effort but install ....................? In ten years of FSX, one or the other has already accumulated, as is now such a change not easy but better. But will the week still because P3D Uninstall and put on new, so I have a clean simulator for the three packages and then piece by piece install the add-ons. Think that is best because there is not much on it anyway, so it is worthwhile to play everything from scratch, without much effort! But I will not be able to install everything this week, except for P3D and the three Orbx packs that I want, then look how it fits in time and how it all works out with my new simulator. Will write in any case, since the one or the other question will arise and yes I can confidently turn to you! best regards Heiko
  6. Good Morning all, How is it with all the settings in the P3D, when you have installed the three packs and where should the controls be best?
  7. Vielen Dank für den Link!! Super lieb und nett von dir/euch für die schnelle und ausführliche Hilfestellung zu meiner Frage!! Habe da noch ein kleines anderes Problem, wo man aber in Deutschen Foren meistens aneckt wenn man was nicht weiß oder wissen möchte. Da fühlt man sich hier gleich richtig wohl und gut aufgehoben für sein Hobby!! Danke schön an alle! ________________________________________________ Thanks for the link!! Super nice / nice of you / you for the quick and detailed assistance to my question !! Have there still a small other problem, where one but in German forums usually offends if you do not know something or would like to know. Since you feel right here right now and well cared for his hobby! Thanks to everyone!
  8. "(insertion point). It is very important to check that the latter are above and that the insertion directly above the first OrbX product" ok ......... that would have to be determined well, yes, I can not even picture of some but for all there is a solution. or good help here in the forum!
  9. do you have a link to the forum? which would certainly answer many questions many thanks for that!
  10. So I always load everything on a different drive (C), because I always unpack everything and then from there I install it in P3D (drive (D)). so it remains so because then for total 42GB insterlation size on the drive where the P3D is, I'll openly download it on an external hard drive down what is meant for security. Since one should go away from the DVD in the future, I always take everything together, even as a ZIP file without the computer load fully.
  11. "The order is not important, what is important is to set the FTX insertion point in FTX Central so that all your non OrbX sceneries are above the FTX block. Set and save. " but there will certainly be a precise Insterlations instructions for, so that one makes no mistakes or could do. because it sounds so ........... even a bit complicated?
  12. But again a question ..........? how is the order best if you have everything installed to have a suave picture and what is important to pay attention to when installing. Think it's best this way: 1.P3D 2.Global BASE Pack 3.Global VECTOR 4.Global openLC Europe 5. All other add-ons like airports and planes. Have already installed P3D and about five airports ........... but if everything reinstall to be sure!
  13. I do not want to speak again, but in the first line I am concerned with these three packages and since I now know that I only need 42 GB, it is now certain that I will buy these days !. Of course they are right! for the second but it is with me so that I have changed from FSX to P3D, since you know almost everything new (add-ons), it is quite expensive. have for all 250 GB (SSD) for the simulator available, which was sufficient for FSX but the P3D is of course another house number. But I am thinking of putting an external SSD hard drive only for the P3D with 500GB, but now I would like to enjoy a new environment in the simulator!
  14. Hello, but I'm very surprised now! ............ that are then "only" 42 GB together for all three packs that would take the hard drive, which is so little for this size and beautiful textures. Had good, together for all three expected 100 GB ............ So I'm doing very well with my calculated 50GB for this textures on my PC! That would be perfect! Thanks for your help! greeting Heiko
  15. Hello, I have only a short question about the installation ........... How much space do the following products need after installation? Global BASE Pack? Global VECTOR? Global openLC Europe? since I have a little household with the space on my hard drive, I would be very interested in how much GB is needed. And one more question ........... the packages are not really on the FPS of the simulator? Many thanks for the help and info! greeting Heiko
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