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  1. HI Guys Just wondering if anyone knows why my XP is taking ages to load over True earth regions The time this usually takes is 20 minutes Over the true earth UK regions in the Zibo Any help would be appreciated Thanks Sam
  2. HI How would i fix this then do I need to reinstall object flow
  3. Hi Guys wonder if anyone can help at both LEBB and LOWI the defualt ground textures come through the scenery this is only at the airport not in the surrounding areas. Any help would be appreciated Sam
  4. Yep ive done every thing like that. Could it not be working with the latest release of XP11 which I think is 11.50 RC2
  5. HI I have installed The libraries it just says there are some missing libraries after i have installed it
  6. TO continue with this topic once it is installed into my library it isn't adding to xplane it says I am missing a library which is needed to run true earth. Any help would be appreciated on this one too. Many thanks Sam
  7. HI Guys there is no log in my Orbx central. I asked True earth to install onto my hard drive and it proceeds to install onto my C drive and my D drive. How would i fix this issue so that it only install into my Orbx library on my hardrive any help would be appreciated Sam Operating system: Simulator: Screenshot: Issue:
  8. HI my LEBB inst working all the RWY and the taxi way textures dont load in he terminal and the surrounding scenery load in Any help ?
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