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  1. Perhaps you have to logged in to see it. I thought we corrected that. At ant rate here is the text of the post: Ever have that problem where your left landing gear doesn't extend properly, and you skid across the runway for everyone to laugh at you during a group flight? I have. A relatively simple fix has been found! The place I found it is here:http://forum.avsim.net/topic/431358-...n-duke-b60-v2/ You can either play with the realism settings, OR, just fix it yourself, It worked for me with no problems on a single quick test flight today. It is just a simple mistake in the Aircraft.CFG file. Copied and Pasted from the linked site above: There's an error in the aircraft.cfg, in the [contact points] section: point.0 =1, 0.82, 0.00, -3.75, 4000, 0, 0.633, 35, 0.13, 1.80, 0.35, 3.1, 3.1, 0, 152, 180 //Tarmac, non-castoring point.1 =1, -8.04, -5.40, -3.94, 6000, 1, 1.00, 0, 0.30, 2.50, 0.36, 3.1,3,1, 2, 152, 200 point.2 =1, -8.04, 5.00, -3.94, 6000, 2, 1.00, 0, 0.30, 2.50, 0.36, 3.1, 3.1, 3, 152, 200 Replace the comma by a dot, and that's all folks! No need for turning off the crash detection any more!!!
  2. Is the gear just not coming down with the Saitek panel? Or does the "G" not work as well? This may help : http://msflights.net/forum/showthread.php?4048-Realair-Duke-60-V2-Landing-Gear-Fix&highlight=realair+duke While I would like Prepar3d to become ~the sim~, what I noticed in the video was that it pretty much looked like FSX. The only area that I saw a noticable difference was that the trees seemed a bit more crisp looking while you were in the last stages of the approach. It does look good. I recently passed a milestone record wise. I now have more time in my Duke than any other aircraft. Cool choice for the video.
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