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  1. Thanks for the feedback. Although the freeware is incredible, I do agree it was lacking in building out the town of St. Moritz and some surrounding buildings - which is where I was hoping Orbx would excel, and looks like it did. I'm sure that developer will continue to build things out, he's doing some amazing stuff. Either way, much appreciated on sharing your thoughts, I had plans to buy the Orbx scenery anyways and will compare. Thanks! Brandon
  2. Don’t mean to change topic, but I’ve been waiting to hear some critique of this new scenery, specifically how it compares to the fantastic freeware out there. Where does Orbx excel / fall short in comparison to the freeware? I’d love to hear your thoughts.
  3. I believe this is an issue with the latest (and very disappointing) MSFS update and not the scenery. I get this issue at multiple different airports right now including KBUR.
  4. Love this airport so far, but just realized one very minor issue that may have been overlooked. This is the runway hold position sign at the entrance to runway 03 via taxiway Alpha. It should read "21-03" instead of "03-21". I had to double check I was holding at the correct runway this threw me off a bit. Anyways, just thought the devs should know. Thanks! Brandon
  5. Yes, I've now noticed this in other places as well with high terrain. Weird.
  6. I remember this being an issue with the X-Plane version, I was hoping I wouldn't have to deal with it in the new sim... Any way we can get rid of these? Don't feel like clipping a wing on joyrides around the field Just for the record, I've deleted the Asobo LOWI.
  7. Ahh interesting, so you're saying these are default MSFS ground textures? If so, it would be awesome if Orbx would update these to something a little higher quality in the future to complement the amazing buildings you guys have done.
  8. The buildings do look remarkable, I'm not critiquing on that aspect of the product. Apologies, to clarify I mean ground texture quality. I'm away from the sim rig right now but I can send some examples later today. There has been some discussion/critique of this as well here: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/my-review-of-the-landmarks-paris-city-pack-review-by-Orbx/356954
  9. Just purchased this scenery last night - the buildings look incredible but the scenery is immensely lacking in texture quality for MSFS 2020. The textures look archaic in quality (reminds me of FSX). Any plans to update these with better/higher res textures? They currently just seem completely unfitting for the new sim.
  10. Curious to hear about this as well, as I would love to purchase some third party airports for TE Balearic Islands. Also, are there any plans from Orbx to release airports within this region for X-Plane?
  11. Never mind! Found the answer at the topic below. Also, a friendly reminder to Orbx to update this download package, don't know why it hasn't been corrected by now...
  12. I'm getting an error in X-Plane 11 when I load up this scenery. The "...your scenery may not look correct" message and referencing the "Orbx_A_EGPN_Dundee" folder and see Log.txt Looked at the Log.txt and looks like the scenery can't find an object file referenced: 0:00:23.265 E/SCN: Failed to find resource 'Objects/EGPN_TAXISIGN_27-09BC^.obj', referenced from scenery package 'Custom Scenery/Orbx_A_EGPN_Dundee/'. Tried validating/reinstalling the scenery from Orbx Central with no luck. I don't see that object in the objects folder either. Any thoughts?
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