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  1. What a tremendous realization of Courchevel. I visisted the area 8 years ago. Some day, I will return. Until then, we have this As @Adrien_67 noted, there is the issue of many of us having to give up incredible mesh/ortho for this scenery. I was under the impression (just rumors?) that a patch for otho4xp was to be included so we could rebuild the tile with this scenery and the O4XP mesh together. This was an insta buy for me in that case. I will probably buy it anyway and try to make it work with my existing ortho. But does anyone know if a patch is forthcoming?
  2. Sorry if I missed the latest, but was there not supposed to be a TE WA HD upgrade that also included Israel's Farm? Was the development map altered?
  3. @fltsimguy I can't share hundreds of gigabytes of ortho scenery. Folks can build it themselves easily enough. But we know that ORBX provides a cohesive product with its color correction, great custom models, and detailed overlays (those trees!). So I was hoping that they could fit higher ZL airports into that nicely encapsulated product without too much change of approach. And I think they can where NAIP allows. Some subtle decals would help offset the low res blurriness too.
  4. @MrScott I wonder if the default X-Plane airport is "3D" and includes some of its own trees. That might create the forest anomaly. It's a fantastic location. I love that approach to 15. You might try the freeware and see if it changes the issue (it will probably create its own tree issues, but maybe improved overall). https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/50823-21w-ranger-creek/
  5. Yeah, I do understand all those constraints. The only light might be that you can use the higher res images, where available, at no overall increase to the installation if lower res is used where it really doesn't matter (i.e. huge swaths of wilderness), to offset the diff. My ortho for the state of OR was under 200GB while including .5m/pixel images around all airports. If such detail is simply unavailable for commercial distribution at this price point, at some or many airports, then that is just the reality. No prob.
  6. re: file size. Forested areas etc. at ZL16 are no loss. This allows a radius of ZL18 around all designated airports/airstrips while resulting in a smaller overall installation.
  7. Hi Tony, Yeah that is Bing ZL18, i believe. I suspected it might be a NAIP image quality limitation you were facing. I know NAIP is ZL18 in some areas only. Just not sure about OR. I can always use my own ortho/mesh with your terrific overlays, too. Still worth it to me.
  8. Glad to hear this! I have installed TE Oregon HD but removed the ortho folder due to surprisingly low res around airports. Here is Gold Beach. What I had vs ORBX. Hopefully this will be addressed in the update. AND
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