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  1. Of course, I understand. Despite that, most all of the other Orbx sceneries for X-Plane do in fact work with the variety of ortho addons, as the models for them are independent of each other and sit on the mesh properly. Grouped converted models from old FSX usually will not. I'm not suggesting you are under any obligation to support such various mesh options many of us like to use. But it would make it a buy for me.
  2. Fair enough. However, despite this, most Orbx sceneries work *wonderfully* well with various mesh options, including those created with O4XP. It seems the actual reason KBHB does not play well is that it is a MSFS/P3D conversion of an older scenery with grouped objects with set elevations, as opposed to individual objects which sit well on any mesh. Many of us are not willing to give up ortho for a whole tile in order to accommodate a single airport. As KBHB is priced as a premium product, I would want it to work as well as the other Orbx airports do for me. But I understand it is trouble to rework the converted models to behave and maybe not enough of us ortho-heads to justify it. Looks like a very nice scenery otherwise.
  3. Thrilled to see PBI included! I fly in there frequently irl (it is surprisingly grungy, in need of a power wash). Hopefully the scenery will add some of the major local Palm Beach landmarks that TE FL has not included as yet.
  4. @chifan90 Yeah, I think they will add things here and there as they have time. It's hard to know all of the important FL landmarks if you're not from the place. Obviously, there is no end to what could be added. But if we suggest some of the major ones, maybe they'll show up. I think with projects like this, it's good to release it, get some feedback, then top it off.
  5. Shuttle parking https://www.google.com/maps/search/nasa+fl/@28.6152727,-80.6918745,306a,35y,64.13h/data=!3m1!1e3
  6. TE FL is terrific. Love the huge water masks and the many landmarks. I'm sure the glitches will be sorted quickly. I do hope they will add Fort Jefferson, the Boca Raton Resort, the Don CeSar Hotel, and The Breakers Hotel.
  7. Alaska is tough, yeah. There is good imagery in parts. Mostly patchy. I too look forward to see what ORBX can come up with for this mecca of bush flying. I think even FS2020 will have a tough time up there. Probably lots of interpolation.
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