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  1. Hello Orbx team ! Do you ensvisage an update for the NA AI traffic pack (with Kenmore Air and San Juan airlines for example) ? Best regards.?
  2. Super ! Thank you very much Tim !
  3. Hello Orbx team and thank you Tim and Ken for your great Samoan scenery ! Do you think released an incremental patch for the australian ai traffic like PNG ? Best regards.
  4. Thank you for your response Stewart ! Best regards.
  5. Hello dear ORBX team ! Just two questions about your excellent AI Traffic. First, the NA AI Pack does it cover your Alaska scenery ? Second : do you have in your futures plans a project about Alaskan AI traffic (includes, like for Australia and New-Zealand, little carriers like Homer Air, Servant Air, Era Alaska and others...) ? Best regards.
  6. Iceland and Faroe islands !!!!! Oups sorry ! It's the wrong section...
  7. Brilliant and attractive !!! We are impatient !!! And, personally, i hope an issue about de AI Traffic, Heiko ;-)
  8. Thank you Heiko for your, response. We are impatient !!!!
  9. Rural, close friend, brilliant... Congratulations for this work chaps ! Just a question for Heiko : do you have found a solution about AI traffic for Milford Sounds ? Best regards.
  10. hi Mallard ! about you question, rea the post of Heiko in the file about Milford Sound-Quentin Lodge preview, post last week.
  11. Fantastic new Heiko and thank for your response ! And good luck for the rest of work !
  12. Fabulous work chaps ! Just a question : actually, i did'nt watch Ai traffic at Milford Sound (nevertheless it's not a slope runway ?). and the five BN-2 in Milford Sound scheme stay at Queenstown. The future Milford will be compatible with your excellent freeware AI traffic ? Best regards and congratulation for your work (and sorry for my english level...) !
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