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  1. Hello chaps ! Awesome job for UK ! May we have few shots about Lands End and Scilly Iles ? Thank you, best regards...
  2. If I read well Alex's description, it will not be Great barrier:- (... It's a pity. Because it would be the ideal complement from Whangarei, North Shore and Auckland for the BN-2.
  3. Yes indeed, Sammy. Thank you :-) for watching ! best regard.
  4. Variations. Gipplsand Airvan Lima-Charlie arriving before C 206 Fox-Hôtel take-off. On Sunday, there is a lot of activity on the Koromiko airfield.
  5. The november-tango on short final. Koromiko/NZPN, South nz. One second. A little bit identical. But this time the empennage and the beacon are not cut ;-)...
  6. And thanks too for ORBX developers. Their AI traffic for NZ is fantastic and immersive.
  7. Thanks folks ! For Adam : i'll work it on :-) ! Best regard.
  8. Well done stewart ! Second et third shot are amazing !
  9. Thank you for your kind words Adam. But you should not exaggerate ..! It's my first attempt.
  10. Thanks you for your encouragements guys !
  11. Well, I am not still in the point to publish... If a kind moderator goes that way through it...
  12. Smell the sound... I love it. 2018-1-12_15-52-28-235.bmp
  13. Hello everybody !Just a special thanks to Alex Goff for this new and brilliant scenery (superb and not an FPS killer). And to ORBX team for the discount. Much appreciate. So thank you chaps !
  14. Briliant and superb choice ! We can hope for an upgrade for NZGB and Kiwi station ? Best regards.
  15. Hello Alex and bravo for this new scene of the coast is! I would just like to know if you envisaged a young traffic HAVE "New England Airlines, Caps Air) for this zone. It would be one more as for the scenes of Oceania of ORBX. Thanks to you and good continuation.
  16. Hello ORBX guys ! May we have few sceens about Friesland (Wangerooge, Baltrum, Langeoog...) and Helgoland please ? Best regards.
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