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  1. Hello chaps ! Awesome job for UK ! May we have few shots about Lands End and Scilly Iles ? Thank you, best regards...
  2. If I read well Alex's description, it will not be Great barrier:- (... It's a pity. Because it would be the ideal complement from Whangarei, North Shore and Auckland for the BN-2.
  3. Yes indeed, Sammy. Thank you :-) for watching ! best regard.
  4. Variations. Gipplsand Airvan Lima-Charlie arriving before C 206 Fox-Hôtel take-off. On Sunday, there is a lot of activity on the Koromiko airfield.
  5. The november-tango on short final. Koromiko/NZPN, South nz. One second. A little bit identical. But this time the empennage and the beacon are not cut ;-)...
  6. And thanks too for ORBX developers. Their AI traffic for NZ is fantastic and immersive.
  7. Thanks folks ! For Adam : i'll work it on :-) ! Best regard.
  8. Well done stewart ! Second et third shot are amazing !
  9. Thank you for your kind words Adam. But you should not exaggerate ..! It's my first attempt.
  10. Thanks you for your encouragements guys !
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