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  1. Hello, Quick update follwing my previous post an hour ago. I tried the exclusion file linked earlier in this topic for EGSS. This did not work. Since then, a friend of mine has had a play around and found a solution for some of the buildings at EGSS by creating an exclusion file for 'facades'. Previous attempts by trying to exclude 'objects' etc had no effect. This has fixed the buildings in the main terminal area, but he is still working on the other buildings right over the other side of the airport in the executive and maintenance / cargo areas, which seem to be
  2. I tried unistalling the Library and True Earth South, verified my XP installation on Steam (so got the Aerosoft Heathrow back for testing purposes) and then reinstalled the library files and true earth, but this time directly into the main XP folder. Unfortunately it remains the same. Sentry11, this problem is only occurring at airports within the TE GB South area (as I have no other ortho for anywhere else in the UK, only in Spain). You mention the TDG scenery, however surprisingly they actually work really well with True Earth so far, certainly at Birmingham (EGBB) and Southend
  3. Yeh I deleted the Aerosoft Heathrow recently in favour of the default gateway version. Would this cause issues at every other airport though in the south region? Thanks for the link to the exclusion file for EGSS, although again it seems to be a problem across the board rather than just the few airports I provided examples for. I am wondering if it would be worth me unistalling True Earth and the Library files completely, then try a reinstall directly into the XP11 directory itself rather than an external library folder on the same drive? It is very odd because otherwise the sce
  4. Hi again Jon, Thanks for your help and time. Unfortunately the problem remains - it made no difference sadly. I will wait for further instructions!
  5. Hi Jon, Attached as requested. scenery_packs.ini
  6. Hello, I bought True Earth South yesterday for Xplane 11. I seem to have run into a problem with the default airports where the ortho seems to be displaying where maybe it shouldn't be. At Stansted (EGSS) for example, I have 'blocky' ortho between gaps in the taxiways where there is normally grass, in addition to some of the terminal buildings changing into more house-like textures. At Heathrow (EGLL) you can clearly see wings of aircraft on the ortho that is showing either sides of the taxiways leading up to the runway. There are a few other examples else where but
  7. Hello again, It has been over a week now since my original post. I just wondered if this is being looked into? Any potential fix in the making? Sorry if I sound impatient, but I've been keen to purchase a few more Orbx airports, however I'm worried that I might encounter similar issues with the lighting where airports have been ported over into V5, which is considerably reducing my confidence in making such further purchases. Any kind of acknowledgement that this is being looked into would go a long way. Regards,
  8. Hello, P3Dv5 HF2. I only bought it a few days ago so it is a complete fresh install. Having installed LYBE via Orbx Central, I've noticed the dynamic lighting produces some very strange effects. It is very very bright and makes the entire apron / terminal area - as well as the virtual cockpit of the aircraft - yellow. This is completely different to the look produced in P3Dv4. The green centre line taxiway lights are also much brighter in P3Dv5 and much more noticeable further out. I have attached 6 screenshots demonstrating this. The first 3 are from P3Dv4. The
  9. Thanks everyone for your help. Based on your recommendations I have done some more research on them and now understand more fully what each addon does. Unfortunately it looks like I have missed the sale now, so I will have to wait until they are on offer again, as buying several products in one go to achieve the desired results is quite expensive in one hit, but at least now I know what I'm after and can make a purchase when/if a discount comes along again to tempt me! Does using the base pack in combination with the openLC Europe use up much extra RAM? I currenly have 8 GB and
  10. Hello, I do not currently own any Orbx products and as someone not familiar with them, it can be a little confusing as to exactly what each one adds or which newer products supersede others etc, so while there is currently a sale on I thought I would make this post to hopefully get some recommendations and potentially make some purchases before the sale ends. In P3Dv4 I mainly do airline flights to/from the UK to European destinations such as Spain etc, as well as domestic routes. I currently only use default P3Dv4 scenery (with the exception of addon payware airports
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