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  1. Thanks Scott, removed the file and the problem is fixed, I appreciate your help.
  2. I uninstalled FSX Central 4.0.6 reinstalled Central and the problem is fixed, they might need to look at Central 4, I'm staying with for now while its working.
  3. Thanks I just uninstall till a solution is found it works great without the add on.
  4. Hi Nick the first two pics are before I install Brisbane International Airport Add-on I can chose what gate I wish for departure. The next two pics are after I install Brisbane International Airport Add-on which only allows me to select the active runway and places me smack in the middle of a building. I have uninstalled several times checked files all well.
  5. I have installed the Brisbane 1.3.1 version and it doesn't let you choose any gates or ramps for departures, it only shows active runway and when I go to take off my plane is bang in the middle of a building, this version has some major bugs and is very annoying when you pay good money for it and you cant land or take off properly..
  6. I've just purchased the Canberra Cityscape and was shocked to see there are no Australian Flags on Parliament House or the War Memorial. Is there any particular reason they are missing?
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