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  1. Probably MisterX’s San Francisco Airport with priority over Orbx. That airport only has the western half of the Bay Bridge. The Orbx Bay Bridge is one object for both halves.
  2. @Dr_Watson, I do not own EGPH, but there must be an apt.dat file in the Earth nav data subfolder. Open it with a text editor and insert the following line somewhere before the ending 99 line: 1050 131355 ATIS Save the change and you should then hear the XP ATIS for Edinburgh when you restart there.
  3. That is not what I was referring to. It was just a wild (and wrong) guess; sorry.
  4. They were for you - sorry I did not see the reference to 11.41. The second question was the more relevant one: I sometimes experience the same when I use ground speed acceleration.
  5. Two questions: 11.50b10? Any sim acceleration?
  6. I actually also checked the TE GB South Airports in WED, which has Needles and 4 other heliports. As expected, Needles is set to show at "Totally insane," but the others are set to show at "Default." If Jon OKs it, I can post a modified file here for you (either the stand-alone Needles or the combined South airports) with Needles set at Default.
  7. Out of curiosity, I opened Needles in WED and saw that the lighthouse object is set to show only on "6 Totally Insane" graphics setting, which clearly corresponds to High in the XP UI. Changing that to "Default" should make it visible on lower settings in the XP Graphics UI
  8. I believe this is not a problem of Orbx, but one of XP 11.50b9 (jenkins is a big clue).
  9. Yes, it did install it correctly, I just did not notice the new symlink and the new ini line. The only thing it did not do that it should have is remove the symlink to Needles, but as I remarked above, that causes no harm.
  10. In that case, I did not do it inadvertently and it must be the update. The abandoned symlink does no harm, but that should have been worth a mention in the post by Ed Correia about the GB updates.
  11. The folder Orbx_A_EGLH_Needles has gone missing from my TE_GB_South installation; the entry in the scenery_packs.ini has also been erased, but the symlink in Custom Scenery has not.. Is this as a result of the latest update? The release notes do not mention it.
  12. The patch does not appear to be available yet.
  13. Not at all, Jon. I also wanted to delete the prior overlays I had after removing the orthos, but because they are usually all in one folder, including those corresponding to orthos I wanted to keep, it was quite time consuming to do, and I thought of asking about just layering them.
  14. Jon, it seems that, at least in the case of WA and OR, making sure that the Orbx overlays are above other ortho overlays is sufficient; see Tony's answer to this post (and might be worth asking him to confirm re SoCal):
  15. You need to fix the Coronado bridge in TE SOCAl. Here are pictures of the one in your product and the real one. This bridge is as iconic to Socal as the Bay bridge is to Norcal and you have badly mangled both. Having reported the Bay Bridge bug 6 months ago, without seeing a fix yet, I am not hopeful about this bridge being improved any time soon (but would love to be proven wrong).
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