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  1. I've got reflections turn off by default off-topic : I'm am going to be a very happy person when Laminar releases they're Vulkan update. No, I'm not expecting miracles, but if Vulcan manages to use multible cores on a CPU and a better usage of RAM memory it would be great. Just a 10 to 15% fps/frametime increase at busy/large airports would make a lot of area's more usable on-topic The thing I don't quit understand with the impact in Florida : I've got close to every thing Orbx released for X-Plane. One city I've had trouble with was London, but as I've already said a couple of times, this was caused by EGLC With Orbx Washington (I'm using the HD version with the seperate add-on and Drzewiecki Design Seattle airports) I'm still getting a good 30 to 33 fps at KBFI with bad weather. When I look at Seattle and surrounding cities, it looks bigger (read more buildings) then Miami. What is the difference between Seattle and Miami ? @Jon Clarke Looking at the specification of your desktop and the settings your using in X-Plane I'm very suprised you still get such high fps/framerates You're using the SD version of Florida , what is the difference between the SD version and the HD version ? (Beside the disk size and Ortho ZL size) Less buildings ? (or less PIO buildings)
  2. Gonna give a try Jon [edit] Okay, changed resolution from 3440*1440 to 2560*1080 Fps is around 29 when looking at KMIA, frame times around 0.340, so it's better. Only the textures are horrible : everything is "blocky" and jagged So increased AA to first 4*SSAA and then 4*SSAA+FXAA : no change in texture quality still looking like it's all blocks and jagged lines. FPS and frame times did again plunge : 22/23 fps with a frame time of 0.400 So right back were I started...
  3. Tony, Jon : here are some numbers: Started up X-Plane 11 , helipad 89X just north of KMIA with the Dreamfoil 407 (cold and dark). This is with real time weather and the actual time in Miami (04:50) Fps +/- 20 with a frame time of +/-0.500 X-Plane states that is has 11787Mb of textures loaded NZXT CAM : CPU load is 37%, CPU speed is 4900Mhz on all cores GPU has a 39% load maximum with the GPU speed changing between 1410 and 1510MHz NZXT CAM states that 51% of RAM memory is used
  4. Thanks Tony, that's what I mean I couldn't put it in the right wording to explain , but yes that's what I mean thank you (English isn't my first language : it takes some time for me to get use writing in English, sorry) And you're right : last night I did a new try around Miami and Tampa with NZXT CAM opened in the background to see what the CPU and GPU are doing. Outside both these cities the CPU has around 60 to 70% load with the GPU around 80/90% When in Miami and Tampa the load for the CPU drops to around 35/40% and the load on the GPU takes a dive to around the same amount, which in turn makes the GPU clock down to around 1680Mhz (Probably because the CPU isn't fast enough in supplying the GPU with rendering information , but that's just a guess) NZXT CAM stated that memory usage when in Miami/Tampa was around 50%, but this is RAM memory not VRAM memory usage. I'm gonna check what X-Plane says and put it here. I'm using Florida HD version by the way
  5. Thank you for you're reply Jon. That aircraft can have a heavy impact on fps/frame times is know to me Till now i've tried X-tridents AB412 (the normal and the SwissCreations conversion), Dreamfoils Bell 407,the Nimbus UH-1 and Just Flight model 76 Duchess : not the most heavy models. (Not even gonna try the Zibo 737 or Airfoillabs 350 King Air) I'm mostly flying between 0 and 2000 feet, so X-Plane has to load everything in detail. I'm using X-Plane 11.41 by the way, with a resolution of 3440*1440. I'm trying to run X-Plane with Texture quality on high, 2*SSAA+FFAA with world objects on max (Yes, these are real high settings for a desktop : even mine) What I've done till now : I've removed all the scenery expect Orbx out of the Custom scenery map : purely to see if it wasn't anything else that was causing the performance impact around Miami and Tampa. It didn't make a difference : situation was the same. I still wanna try moving UltraWeather XP and LiveTraffic out of X-Plane and see if this makes a big difference. PS : As I said in the start post : I've seen this before with the first version of EGLC. In the first version of EGLC there was something that made EGLC eat performance You could change texture quality or anti-analising : it didn't make a difference, it stayed at 17/18 fps With EGLC installed : 17/18 fps in London Without EGLC : a decent 30 fps inside of London (without changing settings) (Again : I don't know what was changed during the update of EGLC) I'm thinking the same is going on around Miami and Tampa : it isn't the amount of objects but a couple of objects that make fps take a stage dive.
  6. To answer you're reply : I've already tried decreasing AA, from 4*SSAA to FXAA : didn't do anything. Tried decreasing texture quality : from maximum to high : again no difference. FPS doesn't go over 21 fps, frame rate drops in the + 0.550 area Around Tampa I've noticed the same problem : the closer you get to the amusement park, the bigger the fps and frame rate drop. If you change settings and there isn't any change : it's a bug to me. PS : My desktop : i7 9700k @ 4.9Ghz Asus Prime Z390-A motherboard Corsair LPX 32Gb DDR4 3000Mhz Samsung 970 2TB Evo Plus PCI-E SSD as X-Plane 11 disk and a Samsung 860 Evo 2Tb SATA SSD as Orbx libary disk Inno3D RTX 2080Ti iChill Black videocard
  7. After buying OrbxEarth Florida yesterday, I've bin flying around for a couple of hours to check things out. It look absolutly great. (and that's coming from someone who wasn't even intending to purchase Florida) There's one thing : When you get close to Miami (say around 30 to 50 kilometres around) fps and frametimes drop like a stone. FPS around Miami (and in Miami) sometimes don't get higher then 19 fps. Outside of Miami, I'm getting a comfortable 50 to 60 fps I've seen the same problem with EGLC before it got updated, EGLC was a fps/framerate killer (Don't know what was changed in the update, PBR ? ) Is it possible to take a look at this, because in this condition everything around Miami becomes unusable.
  8. Give this a shot, it's free (ADS-B and Realtraffic do need a paid subscription) : https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/49749-livetraffic/ It's works very good, even with only Opensky network to display real time flights in the area. And it's not a resource hog like WT3.
  9. Absolutly, totally beautiful Washington state has bin one of my favorite spots to fly, now even more (Gotta admit, wasn't to happy with the waiting, that being said : TOTALLY WORTH IT ) 2 things do : 1) Is it possible to do something about the yacht harbours around Seattle : there quit , well flat. 2) What's the best place to put Washington state in scenry.ini ? Now I've got it below the payware,freeware, global airports, libraries,ortho maps and above mesh maps
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