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  1. I just installed Oregon TE and took just my 1st short flight and am really loving it, especially since in just taking off at Vancouver Wa Pearson Air Field KVUO flying over PDX along Marine Drive over my old office building including the pond across the street where I watched Osprey build nest's and Beaver chew thru trees to the point pne had to be careful walking around it on windy days, then down I205 to Sunnyside rd and out to over my house and all was amazingly recognizable and identifiable, taking many screen shots along the way just to blow my wife away with. So far I am in live with it as obviously I am an Oregonian. But I have lived on many places before settling back in Oregon, thanks to being raised in the US Army, the last of which was Texas so eventually Ill be buying them all I fear! Maybe my comment does not fit in this thread? If so I apologize! I may not talk as Well as the OP, in Texas they would say "He shore do talk purdy". Very entertaining I'll add.
  2. Thanks, I have ORBX Central, off to read user guide.
  3. I have a question I would like to ask, and being pretty new to X Plane 11, and TE products, I;m not sure if I should go ahead and ask here since it kind of applies or if I should start a new help topic in the Support forums? My question is as follow....I have in the past purchased the TE Washington product, and being an Oregonian I am beyond excited about the new product but before I have a question or two answered I'm kind of afraid to go forward. When I bought TE Washington, I just downloaded it through FTX Central and it installed. My PC is borderline or at the lower edge of HD compatible so I plan to buy the HD version, because it comes free with the SD version, if I have any issues with FPS or anything in the HD version, then I can uninstall the HD version and install the SD version. In my limited experirence though, the programs I have downloaded after purchasing before just download then install automatically. I want to download these files to a storage drive, then install 1 or the other on my C drive with X plane 11. Whats the best way to just download the files and direct them to the drive and folders of my choosing on a storage drive? Then, is there anything special to installing the version I want from the storage drive, is that done through FTX also?? The whole download through FTX and installation confuses me, rather than the old what I'm used to way of just downloading a file then clicking on it to install...I'm probably over complicating my question, my apologies but I hope I am being clear enough? Thanks in advance for any help, and forgive me for tacking onto your post Mobu86!
  4. Thank you Nick! I appreciate the link! I will go read up on it there. In the mean time, how do I go about ending this thread I started so folks wont come here for no reason and as to not have it in duplicate. I'm a newbie here still learning the ropes but I think theres a way for me to close this thread or list this as resolved etc. Thanks again! Don
  5. I did a search before posting this to try and find if anyone else has asked about this, but while flying around in TE Washington I have noticed areas that just look different while one side of my views can be outstanding, I have seen many areas that have left me wondering "Is that how its supposed to look"? I took a few screen shots to hopefully show what i am talking about, I took many more that actually showed the problem better but i did not have any location data included in those screen shots. If you look at the tree's in the various photos you should see what I mean. The tree's and surrounding scenery looks very shadowy and 1 dimensional...hopefully it will be clear to all what I am talking about but I can get more screen shots as well. I'm not sure if this is how it appears to everyone or if something is set up wrong within my TE Washington set up. These are not the worst examples, but I had location info with these. I will get more if needed as some areas look pretty bad. Look at the trees and hillsides. Thanks for any help or info anyone may have! Most of the scenery is just so outstanding! So when I see large areas like these it made me think somethings not right.
  6. Thank you very much John!!! I appreciate the info & link very much! I'll go get it! Don
  7. Beautiful screen shots!! Its just amazing looking at the scenery in TE Washington! Living in the PNW area myself, its like viewing aerial photos in many cases!
  8. Forgive me if my question sounds like it's from a newbie to X Plane, but actually I am and I also just bought the UWXP 2.5. So my question is about the "extended night lighting" that you mentioned, is that a stand alone add on, or something within UWXP? I have so little time using it I havent got close to mastering its settings and capabilities. Thank you and your video looks great, so smooth!!! And I'm not complaining about your landing either! Complaints should be reserved for paying passengers! ;-)
  9. You're so right! The level of detail is so amazing! The painted lines even have their own layer of thickness and the way light reflects from them and the various shades of the concrete with such a realistic way of how lighting plays on them looks so real one could almost slip on an oil spot! Flight sims have come so far its mind boggling to me! I started out flight dimes flying Fighter Duel, and F18 hornet on a Commidore Amiga 500! I took a break from flight sims since MS FS 2004, other than flying WW2 Combat with IL2 a number of years ago I just hadn't flown. I studied and researched quite awhile before settling on X-Plane 11 and am glad I did! Especially with the new release of TE Washington as I live within its scope of coverage it's just amazing! This sim is going to cost me a new computer!
  10. Amazing shots! That 3rd picture from top of Mt. Hood, from the level of the lake, I swear that's a photo from Trillium lake just out of view of the dock, I have many pictures of there where I used to fish with Dad and my Grandfather and family. So amazing! It brings back memories like these.
  11. -jjaycee1 Thanks again! I'll try for a better example in the future and I will do more flights and look at my GPU setting's, but will verify my files first! I'll see where that takes me. Thank you very much for looking over my file!
  12. I'm afraid I'm probably posting this in the wrong place as it's about the new TE Washington scenery. If so I apologize and please redirect me. I'm not seeing any scenery as nice as some of the screenshots that have been posted. Load times are taking for ever and I dont see any reference to it under the addon tab in xplane. I have a few other things that appear in the addon menu but I'm not even sure what I'm supposed to see. I have attached my ini file and a screen shot of the Seattle area to show what I see and I think it's just stock scenery. I have verified my files twice and see the folders for TE Washington in my x plane folders. I'm not sure if it makes a difference that I got my program thru steam, I should of known better. I looked thru my ini file and see the references to TE Wa scenery...but something must be out of order? Thank you in advance for any advice! I hope everyone is enjoying their new scenery!! Don scenery_packs.ini
  13. I can see that's a good way to go! As soon as Oregon is out I'll be buying that too. Hopefully I can get everything on a dedicated drive. Unfortunately, i hot my XP via Steam before i knew any better... Happy flying! Couple more hours before I can get home to see if mine finished the install.
  14. I just bought it at 6am PNW time downloading 38gigs now will take over an hour according to it. I should have enough room, sure that I do but another poster mentioned waiting until FTX 4 came out so it could be installed to other drives. I'll be updating/adding a new drive soon anyway but it made me wonder if I should of downloaded it manually, probably wont make any diference sence it will still install on my C drive. I have a 4tb portable drive hooked up to my PC as well. I'm really excited to see this is out now! Xing fingers it wont top off my 1tb internal drive, i have plenty i can move to external drive though. Happy flying!
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