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  1. Have just purchased Southern California. After flying Northern California, I am very disappointed San Diego International Airport is unflyable. Runways 27, 6 has ridges in at least 2-3 places across runway. No terminals. No static scenery or aircraft. Scenery at end of 27 looks awful. No ships. San Diego is a major Naval port - no 3D Naval Ships (one lame looking Aircraft Carrier) After such a great job on Northern California and particularly with KSEA and KSFO (and surrounds) not happy. Word Traffic does not work as well. Nothing seems to be defined (parking and traffic).
  2. I have had the same problem (error message) and waiting on Orbx to reply. They don't work weekends so we will have to wait till Monday.
  3. Just purchased Great Britain North and getting error message whilst trying to download Great Britain North. Have many of the other titles on have had no problems except once had to update CENTRAL. Central 3 seemed to be there and I deleted this and reinstalled Central 4.3 again. XPLANE 11 Regards Ian Sunderman Operating system: Simulator: Screenshot: Issue: Ian Sunderman Computer info.nfo central.log Orbx Error000.bmp
  4. Purchased Great Britain North for XPlane 11. Would not download. Error Message: "A communication error occurred when trying to perform this action" Would also love to see more products for Australia XPlane 11.
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