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  1. Hi. So I just wanted to mention that the above work around also works for KPSP in P3D v5 with Orbx Global Base, Vector, and SoCal installed (without having the paid version of KPSP). I had flown into KPSP earlier today and the runway lights were up on an elevated plateau next to the runway. Installing the .bgl file that Nick posted back in November for P3D v4 also solved it in P3D v5.
  2. I'm done messing with it. It's been uninstalled. Hopefully some update will somehow resolve this issue. Otherwise it's $28 wasted.
  3. Not that I've seen so far, but I'm not fond of manually ending task on software. My understanding is that every time you do it could cause that software to become corrupt. Maybe that's old school thinking? I don't know. But I did tech support for a living for many years and would always try to avoid having customers end task on a hung program, and if I had to then I would do everything I could to try to figure out what caused it to hang in the first place? I guess at this point I could try to reinstall the P3D client? I don't know what else to do? I've uninstalled and reinsta
  4. Let me just say, I'm not trying to be difficult. Burbank is literally one of my favorite airports in the world and I was thrilled to see it come out. But I'm not going to use it if using it causes a problem with P3D.
  5. Yes, I use payware aircraft (PMDG 747 and QW 787 curreently), at only payware airports (I currently have about a dozen installed). always using ASP3D, GSX, UGCX, and flying on VATSIM. The only time I have a problem with P3D closing is when I'm in the Burbank scenery area. Also, as I described above, I did a test where I put all my display and world settings to their absolute lowest, and P3D still wouldn't close if I was in the Burbank scenery area. On top of that, as I detailed the other day, if I took off from Burbank and flew out of the area covered by the scenery, landed, an
  6. Sorry Nick, but that's not what I said, and not what happened. What I said was that P3D wouldn't close until I ended task on SODE. Since SODE is always running no matter where in the world I go, and the only time I have a problem with P3D not closing is when in I'm the Burbank scenery area, and ending task on SODE got P3D to close, the only conclusion is that Burbank is somehow causing SODE to hang P3D. At this point I'm getting pretty frustrated and I'd like to know how to request a refund. I no longer have interest in dealing with this problem if Orbx and the developer aren't
  7. So some more info about this, and I hope it helps figure out the problem. I went and created a settings profile with all my settings on the Display and World tabs set to their absolute lowest. I then loaded up at KBUR on rwy 15 in the default F35 and exited P3D, but it still hung. So I took a look at my system processes that were still running. Besides P3D there wsa the Couatl engine, which I ended task on. No change. Then I found the SODE engine was still running and ended task on that, and about 10 seconds later P3D exited on it's own. So I'd say you need to look at how the scenery in
  8. Ok, so using the expert calculator, I should leave Core 0 and TH0 unchecked? Is that correct?
  9. +1. I've never really understood how to use afinitymask. My understanding was that it's not needed in 64 bit P3D, but I am also having some pauses at various scenery intensive airports, so I'd try that. I have a 6 core AMD Ryzen 5 2600
  10. Thanks Brian,. but no I don't. And nothing else I have in the sim so far causes the exit hang. Only this scenery.
  11. Yes, I can certainly kill the process but it's always been my understanding that forcefully killing a program that's not closing on it's own is bad for it. But I'm not a programmer so I don't know. I can try to set my graphics settings all the way to their lowest values and see if that makes a difference? If it doesn't then it doesn't matter what the settings are.
  12. Ok I'll just do departures out of Burbank then. Don't know if that's worth what I paid, but if that's what I have to live with I guess. I do not have Orbx SoCal. Just Base and Vector.
  13. Here are a few more things I tried. I updated my nvidia drivers to the release from yesterday. I'm running a 2060 Super. I tried loading at one of the "lite" airports in the package, Whiteman, and still had the same problem where P3D wouldn't exit. I then installed FSDT LAX and LVFR KSAN and tested them. Both worked fine and P3D exited without a problem. I was then curious if I started in the area covered by the KBUR package and flew out of the area, would I still have the problem, presuming that the scenery would be unloaded once I got far enough away. So I took off from Burbank in the
  14. Thanks for the response. Since I reported this issue, then uninstalled Burbank, I've installed FSDT DFW, Aerosoft EDDF,. and FlyTampa Boston, and none of them cause this issue. Even LVFR Miami, which is a terribly optimized scenery, does not cause this issue. I just now reinstalled Burbank.....exited and waited about 5 minutes....P3D process still running. Ended task on it, uninstalled Burbank, then went back to the default airport. P3D exited in about 30 seconds. So it's definitely this scenery that's causing the problem. Doesn't matter if I have PBR on or off, or static aircraft on or
  15. Any response from anyone about this issue? I can't use the product if it's going to cause problems with P3D.
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